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A Guide to Live Casinos

A live casino could be one of two things. Live as in a traditional land-based casino but also live as in online at sites. Traditional casinos will still attract the players who want the performance and spectacle of the splendour and glamour of a traditional casino, think Monte Carlo and the top casinos in Vegas for example yet online casinos will attract the people who want the convenience of playing at any time and anywhere with little pomp and ceremony.

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There is more of a personal touch with a traditional land-based casino as they are sometimes referred too. The dealer at the table knows your name, greets you and the croupier will be experienced and slick enough to put you at ease.

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Traditional games at Online Casinos 

The games available at a traditional casino can be made available via an online casino with sometimes more options too.  Any online casino site should offer a minimum of games that can be available at a traditional casino as well as others that have a more of an online presence.

A good online casino will offer secure payment, a mobile optimised site as many players will play on their mobile whilst on a train, in a coffee shop, in a waiting room etc It also needs a varied game library and a welcome bonus for live games offers a good competitive edge. This aside a strong technical edge is necessary. No one wants to be mid-game when the software crashes.

Roulette, Blackjack & More 

The main games either at traditional casinos or online casinos are roulette, blackjack, casino poker and baccarat. Many online casinos will also offer other games perhaps of a similar nature yet with a twist and of course a different name. These games listed above are the most timeless classic games that make the land-based established casinos stand out but may not have the same impact on someone who prefers to play online. The online player is generally a younger player who wants convenience and the ability to play at any time and won’t necessarily need the more timeless classics.

Any decent land-based traditional casino will now also offer an online option. The traditional casinos are losing out on revenue against the online market so this way they are tapping into both domains. They are available daily with no restriction on time but have virtual dealers so the interaction is similar to a traditional casino and live chats too.

Online casinos usually come with an app to make playing easier. Generally, a casino company will manage all of the games under their umbrella and its competition will be other online gaming companies who may well have their own traditional casinos too.

One thing to note, however, is that not every online casino is available in every location. Some countries do have gambling restrictions and may only encourage traditional casinos rather than online live casinos. A lot depends on the gaming company and where they are predominantly based.

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