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Three Tips To Help You Move Home Smoothly *

*This is a collaborative post.

You’re thinking of moving home because where you’re living right now probably doesn’t cut it for the lifestyle that you want. Whether adopting the minimalist vibe and downsizing everything you own to live in a truck. Alternatively, maybe you have no choice but to look for somewhere bigger to live because you need more space for your growing family of cats. One thing that resonates with all movers is the dream to move smoothly. Without the stress, you’ve forgotten something or someone, and without worrying about where you’ve packed your toothbrush and clean underwear for the first night in your new home. To get you through your move as smoothly as possible here are 3 tips to help you out.

Wrap It Up

In hindsight, this title probably leads you to believe you need to start wrapping up your belongings, when in fact it’s referring to tying up loose ends in your life that could haunt you later on if you don’t. For instance, it’s wise to let your employer or your lover(s) know that you’re moving address so that your payslips and flowers are not snapped up by whatever stranger moves into your home next. Extend this courtesy to the royal mail; this is so they can ensure you receive those weekly leaflets of junk that you don’t ever use.

Bring In The Professionals

If you’re clumsy, disorganised, and a bit of a flapper, bring in the professional movers that organise, wrap and deliver your stuff for you, Find Out More here. Worst-case scenario if something does break, you’re covered with insurance! Shop around for a few quotes first, though, to save yourself from being robbed of your hard-earned cash. Perhaps go for a middle ground mover, with a strong reputation and insurance, rather than a cheap mover who might not have any cover or care for your belongings.

Recycle And Rehome Your Things

Whether you’ve secured the contract for your new home, or you haven’t even begun to search for your next accommodation; it never hurts to get rid of some of your junk. You know what we’re talking about, the out of fashion clothes sitting in your wardrobe, your barbie doll collection in the loft. We are suckers for hoarding things, from collecting duplicate McDonald’s toys to keeping a shirt we bought over a decade ago. The privilege of donating, recycling or even selling your things means; you are helping the environment, you could do a good thing buy giving your stuff to people who will use it and (getting back to the original topic) you could save money on moving costs and the stress trying to locate all of your things in the run-up to the big move.

See! Moving doesn’t have to be a pain. It can be organised and stress-free, dare we say it pleasant occasion. So long as you contact all the businesses and people you need to tell you’re going to be on the move soon. That you look for a professional moving company to handle your moving day and you rehome a lot of your junk.

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