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How To Create Zen Zones In Your House

Your home can become your tranquil, peaceful hideaway; a place that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated just by looking at it. Creating Zen zones, be it little nooks, corners or extra spaces within or outside the house will definitely help you enter your own world, escaping from all the stress of everyday lifestyle, even for a little while.

Here is some inspiration for those times when you really want to recharge your batteries and chill out.

Identify your Zen Spot(s)

You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive furniture and major renovations to have the perfect relaxation spot. Sometimes, all it takes is finding a location with the right, reposeful feel; a corner in the house or around it. It could be literally anything, from a reading nook that gets some lovely natural light entering from a big window or a quiet location in your garden.

The addition of a comfy chair and a side table (for interior areas) or a wooden bench (for outdoor spots) could be more than enough to create your Zen zone, where you can sit in peace and contemplate. Now, if there is a room with an enchanting view, do consider turning it into your personal retreat with a rocker, a few comfortable chairs, some fluffy rugs for a pinch of extra warmth underfoot, an ottoman, and perhaps a side table too for that glass of red wine or a cold beer.

Add Nature Elements

Among other things, plants make great additions to any home area. They not only increase the aesthetic appeal of an interior space but also help purify the air from CO2 and airborne toxin, contributing to improved air quality. However, besides the fresher sensation you have from breathing clean air, studies have shown that having plants around where you live or work also helps you relax better and faster.

Having a Japanese Zen garden is also another excellent idea to bring nature inside your home. For those that don’t fancy plants or don’t want to get involved in plant caring and maintenance, a small Japanese Zen Rock and Sand garden is a perfect option. Plus, it is a fun pastime, given that you can change its design patterns anytime you feel like it.

The same applies to water fountains, which deliver the benefits of the water element and enable you to relax your mind with the sound of light running water. Alternatively, you may as well choose nature or even wave sounds too.

Focus on a single Zen zone

You don’t need to apply all of the above ideas all around your house, though you could. You can choose just one room and work on making it the ultimate relaxing spot in the home. The bathroom, for example, can be easily transformed into a Zen place if you clear all clutter, keep things organised, adding dimmer controls or candles, avoid brightly patterned tiles, add soothing sounds (i.e., meditation music or nature sounds), or add plants, stones, coloured sand (i.e., in jars) and other Zen elements. Of course, a bathtub is a must-have, in this case, as it is the heart of the bathroom.

Even if you don’t have one yet, there are plenty of steel bath models that are not only eye-catching and top quality but also more than affordable. And, don’t forget to leave all electronic gadgets out when you submerge yourself in an ocean of stress-relieving foam and the calming scents of jasmine, lavender, thyme, sandalwood, eucalyptus or lemon!

Ensure Unobstructed Air Flow

Keeping the air flowing is a must in Feng Shui as it allows the air and energy to move around and not get stagnant, which could make the air and the overall sensation rather “heavy”.  Decluttering is definitely a step towards the right direction as it moves all unnecessary (hence, energy flow-obstructing) items out of the way. Ideally, your Zen zone is electronics-free so that you can focus on unwinding and decompressing after a long and tiring day.

Include all senses

The more senses you please, the more satisfaction you will get from your Zen zones. Using items like candles, Himalayan Rock lamps, and soft, earthy tones colours (light greens, blues, purples, creams, and pastels will work well too) in your design will allow you to lighten up the place and enjoy the benefits of light therapy, which include the release of negative ions from the air. Soft textiles and an essential oil diffuser will complete the picture, pleasing two more senses!

Expand your available living space

If you have some extra space in the backyard or patio, you could convert some of it into an outdoor living room that features stylish furniture which matches those of your interior. Add a rug, a range of different chair configurations, and a side table and voila! You have just given birth to an inviting space that allows you to enjoy the charm of the outdoors and the lovely views either solo with a good book at hand (or a glass of fine wine) or with family and friends over a meaty BBQ.

Creating Zen zones in the home does not necessarily come hand-in-hand with a lot of expenses or demanding too much of your time. Breathing new life into your house via dedicated relaxation spaces in and around it is, sometimes, a project that requires to just listen to your heart. Which area does it beat the liveliest? You just found your next Zen room!

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