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5 Fashionista-Friendly Tips for Wearing Earrings to Suit You! *

*This is a collaborative post.

Whether you are over forty looking for a classic look or a young adult chasing styles, earrings are a great way you perk up your outfit and your face.

Take a look at the following to help you wear earrings that suit you.

Consider your face shape

This is the most important tip!

When looking for earrings to suit your face, you should determine what your face shape is and then find earrings to complement and match your face shape. The following are the main face shapes:


This shape has a wider forehead that tapers down towards a narrow chin. Use earrings that can create a sense of width at the jawline to balance the wide forehead. Earrings that work well with the triangle face are teardrop or chandeliers.

Oval (similar width at forehead and jawline/chin, widening at the cheeks)

Similar to an egg, the oval face shape is easily paired with almost any earring. Your best bet is to use the simplicity of the stud or even a triangle face to highlight your cheekbones.


This shape is the widest at the cheekbones with little to none tapering down the jawline. Pair the round face shape with drop or earrings that dangle. Avoid hoops, round studs or earrings that have a round shape.


The heart-shaped face is pretty self-explanatory. The forehead will be wider than the cheekbones and the face will follow the shape of a heart. In this shape, the chin will usually be quite pointy or sharp and is best paired with teardrop, chandelier or any earring that is wider at the bottom than the top.


The elongated long face shape is best paired with earrings that can give your face a bit of width. You can use hoops, studs or any round shaped earrings.


This face shape tends to have a sharp jawline and is best paired with medium or long length earrings. Stick to earrings that have softer or rounded edges. You can also wear hoops or round-shaped earrings.

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The next four tips can also be considered when selecting earrings but are not as important as the first.

Stick with your Own Style

Fashion comes and goes, but your own sense of style will remain timeless. If statement earrings are in fashion but don’t suit your personality, then stick with more neutral coloured statement earrings.

Stick with your Colouring

If your skin has a peach or yellow undertone, then golden hues will look fantastic on you. If your skin tone is more pale, with pink or blue undertones then you will look and feel fantastic in silver hues.

Consider where you will Wear them

Will it be in a work or more fun environment? Then you know how crazy you can go!

Consider your Bone Structure

If you have a finer bone structure then avoid dramatic and chunky earrings. If you have a larger bone structure, then you can wear chunky earrings.

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