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Essential Tips For Creating a Perfect Music Playlist *

*This is a collaborative post.

They say music is the food of love, don’t they; so play on – if only it was always that straightforward…

Why is taste in music such a personal thing?

Sometimes music can divide, not unite us, can’t it – at least in terms of personal tastes.  How is it, for example, that some songs give you goosebumps, but others the shudders – why?

Well, the psychology of musical taste is complicated – it can depend on your age, personality, or mood.  It’s fine that we all like different things though – and we can always keep some headphones on if people don’t like our taste! 

Except when it comes to that moment we all secretly dread – putting together a music playlist.

Choosing music for a special event

When you’ve got a special event approaching, how does the thought of choosing music really make you feel?  Trying to get the right selection, create a good atmosphere and guarantee your guests have a good time can be a nightmare.

We agree…

But it doesn’t have to be that way – just a few tips and tricks can ensure your playlist is always a success.

If you’ve ever organised a work-related event that involves background music – that’s a good example. You use a pattern, don’t you, which follows an arc –  based on creating the right atmosphere.

You start with something fairly unobtrusive as people arrive – nothing too ‘in-your-face’; you keep it quite calm.  Then you move to more positive and rousing music, to keep up the energy – and dial it down again towards the end of the event.

It’s something you can replicate anywhere – just plan your music around different moods.

Unity is key – but don’t try TOO hard

Pick some songs that unite people if you’re planning a party playlist – ones that guarantee a sing-along or dance. It doesn’t really matter if everyone loves everything – the important thing is to strike a good balance.  

That will all depend on the type of event, the age of your guests and the occasion you’re celebrating.  So think carefully about all of those factors when you go through your shortlisted songs.

The best songs at a wedding

A wedding playlist can be really tricky – but you’ll often be working with a professional DJ – or even a live band.

But when it comes to picking the best song for your first dance – if it’s you getting married – that’s one choice couples find really tricky. 

It’s one occasion when you need to put yourself first – and just pick what feels right, whatever that is.

It should be a song that means something special – a reminder of when you first met, for example. Maybe the lyrics tell a story that speaks to you – or one you want to share with your guests.

Whatever it is, you’ll know when you find it – it will just hit the right notes for you and your partner. And as we said at the start, music is the food of love, so when it’s your moment – just let it play on…

This is a collaborative post.

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