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How To Find The Best Deals When You Move House *


We all want to find ways to make moving less stressful and chaotic. But all too often, even when you finally move, you’re caught up in the stress of setting up new gas and electric suppliers. We’re all guilty of setting up gas and electricity with the first provider that sends a letter through our door. But what if moving house can help you find better deals?

This blog post will help you secure the best deals when you move house.

Call Your Existing Supplier

Before you move house, consider calling your existing supplier to see what they can offer you when you move. Try to call at least a couple of weeks before your relocation date. If they can offer you preferential rates in your new place, give them two days’ notice before your move so they can update your address. 

Do Your Research

Search for reputable providers and their rates before you select the first provider that drops through your letterbox. If you need your boiler servicing when you arrive at your property, call providers like Gasworks a leading boiler company, and other similar suppliers before deciding who you will go with. As stressful as moving house is, finding the right supplier will save you money for months and years. Use tools like Compare The Market, which allows you to check by postcode for deals in your new area. 

Call The Previous Occupants’ Suppliers

When you move in, you often find the details of the previous occupant’s energy or gas providers in a letter. If you need more clarification, you can also use a postcode search to find out who the provider is. Ensure you take a metre reading as soon as you move in and share this with the supplier to avoid being charged for the previous occupants’ energy bill. You may also receive preferential rates for staying with that provider, so it’s worth hearing them out. 

Move House On A Cheaper Day Or Month

Data from Compare My Move shows that the cheapest day to move house is a Sunday, Wednesday or Saturday. Moving on a Tuesday is one of the priciest days. Review prices for hiring a moving van or shipping items beforehand, and try to move on a Wednesday or weekend to reduce moving costs. August has also been revealed as the most expensive month to move due to the summer holidays, so steering clear of moving house during this peak period should also reduce costs further.

Final Thoughts

Moving house can often take its toll on your finances. However, with careful planning and research, you can cut the costs ahead of the big day. Start by planning your moving day and month, calling your suppliers to see what they can do for you when you move. Research beforehand to see if companies offer preferential deals in your new area. Finally, on your moving day, take a metre reading and call up the previous occupants’ suppliers to avoid paying for their energy. 


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