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Different Forms of Traditional Bingo *

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Bingo halls have been popping up all over the world since the early 1900s, and they have been loved by many. With hundreds of people flocking to bingo halls on a Saturday night to have a great social experience and try their luck at winning some money. Things have developed to the online world with online bingo, you can try your luck here:

Bingo has developed massively throughout the years, but people have taken the origin of the game and come up with their own versions, still playing for money and shouting ‘Full-House!’.

Film Bingo

The first alternative to traditional Bingo that we’ll discuss is Film Bingo. This is perfect for those movie buffs who want to get out of the cinema and into a more sociable atmosphere, boast how many films they’ve seen and test their knowledge. Film Bingo works in a similar way to traditional bingo in that every player has a sheet on which to mark items. Your grid might be 3×3 or 4×4, it can vary in size, but it will contain the titles of different films.

From there it is a case of testing knowledge and keeping your eyes on the screens. A popular clip from the film (more often than not, a huge blockbuster hit) will appear, you must then guess the titles of the film – and if you have the title on your card, daub it off! Simple and easy and a new way to have fun!

Song Bingo

Song Bingo, also known as Musical Bingo or Disco Bingo is possibly one of the most sociable games and liveliest atmospheres when it comes to alternative Bingo. As in traditional Bingo, each player will receive a grid filled with popular song titles. In Song Bingo, a lot of the time you will receive categories such as ‘Golden Oldies’ or ‘The ’80s’. All you have to do is listen to the music being played, which will more than likely play the song titles or the most famous line. After you have figured out what song it is you can take a look at your grid to see if you have it! Mark it off and you’re a step closer to winning!

Picture Bingo

Picture Bingo can work in different ways but is a great way to open up a quiz night or close it at the local pub! Each player will receive images, they can be of celebrities, places, or any number of categories, even including ‘types of balls’. Picture Bingo can then work one of two ways, the image can be put on display by the bingo caller or they can riddle it out to you. The bingo caller might read ‘I am The Big Smoke, home to The Great Fire and EastEnders’ at which point you would have to figure out that he is talking about the city, London. At this point, you would check your grid and see if London is on it – not only is this a game of luck and having the right card, but it also means you have to listen and figure out riddles otherwise you might miss your chance at a full-house!

Bingo Shows

Making an evening of it is becoming increasingly popular when people attend alternative Bingo halls. More often than not, you will find these sorts of Bingo events in London, Manchester, Birmingham and other large cities. Playing Bingo at these Bingo shows is more often than very similar to original Bingo – the difference is the entertainment that goes with it. Have a good laugh with some Comedy Bingo, whereby your bingo callers are comedians – more than likely ‘taking the mickey’ out of you and providing some cracking jokes! You can even be entertained by a few Drag Queens in Drag Bingo – a personal favourite of ours as nobody puts on a performance quite like a Drag Queen! Some companies even specialise in putting on different themes for bingo every week!

Extras at Bingo

If there is something that everybody loves these days it’s a bottomless brunch or an all-you-can-eat-buffet! A lot of Bingo halls are starting to bring people in via their stomach. By pitching incredible food and beverages, people are flocking to these venues in order to win a bit of money and fill their plates and glasses! A great favourite among those who are wanting an evening out with some great food and drink!

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