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Chambers_; A_Multi-Dimensional Dining_Experience *

I was very kindly invited to review Chambers with in return for a review. However, as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

If you’ve never heard of Chambers_, then you may have heard of Gingerline? If you’ve never heard of either then where on earth have you been hiding for the past few years? For those of you that have been living under a rock, here’s a quick intro to what could be your newest dining obsession…

What are Gingerline and Chambers_?

Gingerline have been creating immersive adventures laced with fun and daring dishes since 2010. Their events are always quirky, filled with top quality food so that you leave feeling disappointed that it’s all over! The name, Gingerline, came from their first serious of supper clubs that were always hosted along the Overground in East London which is a lovely shade of ‘ginger’ on the Tube Map. In fact both Gingerline events I’ve been to have still been on the Overground line!

Chambers_ previously known as Chambers of Flavour, have created a rather awesome multi-dimensional eating experience that will have you eating foods you may have never tried, in dimensions you’ve never visited before with characters that will have you so fully immersed that you feel strange going back to ‘real-life’ when you leave.

What can I Expect from Chambers_?

I really can’t let on too much as it will spoil it for others, but you can bet you bottom dollar that you what you do experience will exceed all expectations.

You will be given a time that you will embark on a journey like no other, before that you can meet the others that will be on your experience and grab a cheeky bevvy or two. You receive a welcome cocktail when you trade-in your bags and coats for a lovely bumbag and once you’re in the bar you can order drinks to be transported to meet you in the multi-verse.

There are five courses of food with an amuse-bouche to kick off with. Those five courses have taken inspiration from all over, there are so many different flavours going on and you will not leave feeling disappointed at all.

Do they Cater for Veggies and Vegans?

They sure do! I’ve had the veggie/vegan menu at both Gingerline experiences I’ve been to and they certainly make sure you don’t miss out on the good stuff! On arrival, they will check your dietary requirements and give you a wristband to ensure you are given the correct dishes.  They also cater for those who only eat meat, or only eat seafood etc.

Would We Go Back?

Yes, we will most certainly be getting tickets to the next round of Gingerline and Chambers_. I’ve actually now done this version on Chambers_ twice and it was just as enjoyable the second time around as there were different actors and staff so it meant it differed slightly.

Attending these events have become a little bit of an obsession as they’re so good; I want to be the first to experience all fo them!

The Boring Bit!

Tickets start from £55 plus booking fee and matinee tickets are £65 plus booking fee. There are multiple arrival times starting from 5.30pm through to 9pm. There are 16 tickets available per group, so if you are booking for a smaller number then you will be taking on the Chambers_ with a few strangers! The experience lasts around 2 hours but you’re welcome so stay in the bar after your experience is over. The location will be disclosed on the day for evening tickets and the evening before for those with matinee tickets, but it’s in the Hoxton area with easy access to Hoxton Overground and Liverpool Street train stations.

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