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How to Turn Your Beer Garden into Somewhere Your Patrons Love *

*This is a collaborative post.

Started in Germany in the 16th century, beer gardens (biergartens) have an interesting history. These outdoor gardens came to life shortly after brewing industries became limited on when they were allowed to brew beer, based on regulations implemented by the German state, Bavaria. Beer gardens became a way to continue brewing and serving beer during summer.

To this day, beer gardens have become a favourite way to not only enjoy cold brew during the warmer months but to enjoy good food and great company. In fact, due to their popularity today, beer gardens are not only found in Germany but in many places around the globe.

As a beer garden owner, you might already be aware of the latter. However, what you may still be unsure about is how to turn your beer garden into something your patrons will genuinely love and remember. In that case, the following tips might help.

Decorate tables with beer “vases.”

While you might be considering leaving the tables in your beer garden completely blank, a little decor never hurt anybody. With beer vases centering the table (cleaned out and filled with flowers), you can add that perfect, special touch that will leave everyone oohing and ahhing over your eye for detail.

Get creative with cooler options

Forget traditional coolers and plastic beverage buckets sold in stores. This is your beer garden; let your imagination run wild. Consider displaying bottles or cans of beer in a rustic wheelbarrow or wooden barrel to add to the beer garden theme.

Install outdoor televisions

Just about everyone loves watching television. It’s many people’s favourite electronic device to turn to when they’re feeling bored or understimulated. For that reason, adding a television or few to your beer garden can be a great way to add an extra source of entertainment for your patrons. Televisions can especially come in handy when conversations grow stale!

While you might be hesitant to install televisions outdoors due to the elements, rest assured that utilizing outdoor TV covers can help protect your precious screens when your beer garden isn’t being enjoyed at the time.

Make your own upcycled bottle cap wind chime

To amp up your German beer garden a pinch, a little DIY decor project doesn’t hurt. That said, considering making your own wind chime using beer bottle caps. Not only does it have beer garden flair, but it can also provide a soft jingle to give your patrons something to relax to.

Hang string lighting

Nothing ruins a great gathering more than a lack of lighting, especially if the gathering will be lasting into the evening. To keep everyone around longer, make sure to install quality string lighting throughout your beer garden to provide beautiful illumination.

Beer gardens have a special place in history. Today, this concept is a way to celebrate German culture and bring people together with good conversations, beer, and bites to eat. But you might be looking for ways to step up your own beer garden. From adding outdoor televisions to your garden to decorating with upcycled beer-inspired decor, your beer garden will be complete.

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