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Encouraging Wildlife To Your Garden

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Throughout the year, we all like to spend time outdoors, whether that’s down your local park or in your garden. If it’s your garden, then there are plenty of ways that you can help encourage wildlife into your surroundings. With our climate and environment suffering, we all need to do our bit to help the wildlife along. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

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Plants For Insects

From bees to butterflies, there’s plenty of plants of flowers that will attract insects more to your garden than others. Butterflies are attracted to flowers that are rich in nectar, so you want to find the flowers that allow the butterflies easy access. Plant these in a sheltered but sunny spot and get a few food plants to feed the caterpillars too. Some flowers and plants that are recommended are primrose and thyme. Bees love flowers like Summer Lilac and Goldenrod, and it’s important we encourage bees in our garden. They are vulnerable but vital to our environment.

Bird Baths And Hanging Feeders

Watching birds is a lot like people watching. It’s something you can do all day, so you want to bring in a variety and as many species as possible. Bird baths are not only a welcome haven for birds, but they are also a great way of decorating your garden to make it more appealing for you to enjoy. If you get a lot of sunshine, you may have to top up the bird bath every so often if it isn’t connected to a water supply. However, during the colder months, there will likely to be lots of rainfall, so you can leave it be. Hanging feeds full of various seeds are great for keeping little bellies full. To avoid those squirrels stealing the seeds, there are plenty of feeders that are only accessible for birds. Try out Little Peckers for bird feed!

Build A Pond

Ponds are also a great feature for the garden and can really give your outdoor space something different to just grass. Ponds can also be simple to do yourself with the right equipment and materials. Here you can house a number of different fish and decorate the top with water lilies and surrounded by plants that are good for smaller insects and those that love the water.

Install Hedges Instead Of Fences

Although fences make a garden more secure, hedges work better for letting in more wildlife. If you need fences, then you can always make a small hole in the fence to allow hedgehogs to crawl through. Hedges provide living space and food for lots of wildlife. They are also an ideal space for birds to nest, so try finding hedges that grow berries too. Even though they’re not a solid structure compared to fences, they will still shape and outline your garden.

Encouraging wildlife is something we should all be excited and passionate about. If we pass down this same enthusiasm and awareness to future generations, we can hopefully provide an earth that lasts for a long time for thousands of years to come!

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