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Surefire Tricks For Long-Lasting Makeup *

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Heat is the number one reason for short-lived cosmetics. Wearing thick makeup during the warm seasons cause your face will produce more oil and sweat. The excessive sweating can eventually remove your makeup because, with enough time, sebum will melt makeup products on its own.

There are basic techniques to keep your makeup from smudging and melting. Korean cosmetic products like Aritaum can withstand the weather and hot temperatures. You can buy these products here. You don’t need to invest in expensive waterproof cosmetics, but just the right kinds for your skin.

Here are surefire ways to make your makeup last longer:

Take advantage of film formers

Choose makeup cosmetics that have high proportions of film-forming agents, especially during the summer. Film formers are a particular sub-category of polymers. Because of their extended and chain-like molecular structure, they boost the formation of other flexible films across your nails, skin, and hair. Any ingredient that has the words vinyl or polymer is a certified film-forming agent.

Here are examples of ingredients you should look for:

Now off to buy products that have these essential ingredients and make sure to make reading labels a habit.

Begin and end your makeup routine with a fixing spray

If there’s one routine you shouldn’t skip, this is it. A suitable fixing spray can change your life, especially f you use it before and after you put on makeup. Giving your face a spritz after putting sunscreen will create an even canvas pre-makeup application. The last spritz will seal all the products in place and keep them intact.

Note that there’s a big difference between fixing sprays and setting sprays.

Setting sprays are water-based:

Fixing sprays are primarily alcohol-based:

Go minimal on your base

Another surefire trick to keeping your foundation intact is to avoid wearing too much. Wearing a thick foundation will cause it to flake or melt off all the products you put on top of it. Aside from that, your pores will have a hard time breathing and cause your sweat glands to secrete excessively.

Apply thick and pigmented formulas on specific target areas, and don’t rub it on your entire face. Apply the products gently so that they don’t block your pores too much.

Use the correct tools

When it comes to controlling oil, your powder’s formula only matters a lot less than what tools you use in applying it. Some brushes, even the dense types, cannot lay down powder enough to set makeup on effectively. Even sponges and puffs can leave traces of uneven powder wherever they land. Press powder that has puff can keep your face matte a lot longer than when you dust it with a brush. In short, the right tools matter more than the ingredients of the product.

Be cautious of eye makeup claiming to be waterproof

The formulas used in waterproof products can dissolve in the oil and not water. These products will survive countless tears, but the fat in your eyelids will feast on them. A good primer for eyeshadow contains a concentrated paste of film former and will successfully extend your eye makeup’s wear time. Aside from that, people that have oily skin are advised to skip wearing waterproof eye makeup at all. Just because you want to have a long-wearing makeup look doesn’t mean you have to use waterproof eye makeup. Experiment with different brands until you find one that suits your skin type.

Always carry blotting papers around

Having oily skin also means the right amount of shine will keep showing in the middle of the day, and that’s okay. They created blotting papers for moments like that. Always bring a stash of porous polypropylene sheets, rice paper, or a drug-store brand to keep your mid-day shine under control.

No matter how nice it sounds, having a full face of unscathed makeup after facing harsh weather is unrealistic. There’s no perfect solution on how to avoid it, but these tips will help you kickstart your journey. With proper techniques, you can expect your full face makeup to survive all those graduations or weddings with a humid environment.

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