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Play Along to your Favourite TV Show with Britain’s Got Talent Bingo *

ITV’s talent show, Britain’s Got Talent, has now been on our screens for 13 series. People from around the country flock to auditions to perform in front of the judges, hoping to win the top spot and perform for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance.

The show’s popularity has caused the Got Talent franchise to expand all around the globe. In 2014, the shows were confirmed as the most successful reality TV format after hosting in 58 territories worldwide. It has developed into a global phenomenon that welcomes people from all abilities, ages, sizes and background. In 2019, the youngest contestant was four years old, with the eldest being 88!

Winners of the show include Susan Boyle, who went on to sell 25 million records worldwide. The dance group Diversity, whose frontman Ashley Banjo has judged on multiple dancing talent shows including Got To Dance. The most recent winner was Lee Ridley, who performed under the name of Lost Voice Guy – the first comedian to win the show, whose disability allowed him to deliver some great comedy using a voice synthesiser. He is such a great act to go and see live, he had us crying with laughter!

There’s been such success surrounding the original show, that ITV launched Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions. Inviting all previous winners and pitting them against one another to find out who is Britain’s most talented act. The show has even been created as an online Slot game at Paddy bingo. To celebrate the success of the show, I thought I would create a Bingo game for all to play and spice up a Saturday night in front of the television. Play along and see how many you manage to cross off.

  1. Simon Cowell enjoys an act
  2. An act receives a standing ovation
  3. A judge presses the golden buzzer
  4. An act receives all four buzzers
  5. Ant and Dec join an act on stage
  6. The crowd start chanting ‘off off off’
  7. You’re brought to tears after an emotional act
  8. One of the acts involves a dog
  9. A death-defying act puts you on the edge of your seat
  10. One of the judges sheds a tear
  11. An act includes a child singing
  12. The acts storms off the stage in anger at the judges’ decision
  13. David Walliams flirts with Simon
  14. A guest judge appears on the panel
  15. One of the judges asks the opinion of the audience
  16. An act has an emotional background story
  17. A comedy act makes you laugh
  18. An act is joined in the wings by their grandparents
  19. One judge pushes another’s buzzer
  20. Simon uses a metaphor to describe someone’s performance
  21. A duo sing badly
  22. A group of dancers are described as ‘not in sync’
  23. A young man steps on stage with his guitar to perform
  24. An act performs something unique
  25. A dramatic pause is given before the final judge says ‘yes’
  26. An act gets booed off the stage by the audience
  27. Ant and Dec are giggling to one another in the wings
  28. The long line waiting outside the audition building is shown
  29. A group are wearing matching costumes
  30. A young person does a front flip during a performance

Let me know who wins!

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