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Why Visit Mauritius? *

*This is a collaborative post.

Named after Prince Mauritius, located off the Southeast coast of Africa is a good destination from May to December. During this time, the weather there is cool, sunny and dry.

Mauritius is an island nation of lagoons and palm-fringed beaches (click here to learn what island nations are). Most of its coastline is surrounded by coral reefs.  With its white flour-like sand beaches lined with palm trees, lush vegetation around turquoise lagoons, rich culture and a myriad of inland activities, it has become one of the world’s most favourite holiday and leisure destinations.

So, why should you come and visit Mauritius?

The climate

It gets a lot of sunshine all throughout the year and this practically makes it a year-round destination. Mauritius has only two seasons – summer and winter. But during winter, that is May to December, it is still sunny, so the temperature does not really fall very low (not lower than 16 degrees Celsius), it is relatively hot but cool enough to enjoy the outdoors. This means then that during summertime, from October to April, the temperature gets too hot (as much as 35 degrees Celsius). That makes it best to visit the country during the months of May to December.

The Beaches

Over a hundred beaches line the coasts of this island nation. There are the long ones and there are also those small pristine beaches; all of them have their own beauty and characterized by their own uniqueness.

Its seashores are mostly white but some are almost golden and lined with palm trees. While the seashore above is postcard material, down below the submarine life is at its best; the coral reefs are alive and healthy, worthy of each dip and dive. Underneath the temperature-perfect water is a picture-perfect submarine life. The Mauritians must have done a lot of good things to deserve all this beauty!

Diving Sites are World Class

The flourishing marine life and all the natural assets underneath the blue waters are a paradise for divers. This is the reason why every year, there are thousands of marine tours and submarine excursions that happen in the oceans of Mauritius. Approximately 50 dive sites surround the island, all breathtaking and world-class. These sites vary in depth and difficulty. There is a lot of stories to tell about the aquatic life and submarine resources surrounding this island nation, and most of the tourists who visit the country would not miss a dive when they come.

Newlyweds and Honeymooners Rendezvous

For three consecutive years, the World Travel Award awarded the country as the best destination for weddings and honeymoons. Each year, the golden beaches of Mauritius are witness to hundreds of couples’ “I DOs”. If you plan on a destination wedding and happen to choose the island, you should set your wedding date on the months of October and September; these are the perfect months to avoid the peak season and just the right timing for good weathers. Also, check out websites like for more information and assistance.

Since the island has been favourite wedding destinations, it has included romantic spots for these events in their island map.  Resorts and restaurants have also considered these events in their packages.

Mauritius is Multicultural

In its capital city that is very rich in Mauritian history and culture, you will find religious monuments; these monuments are of different ethics, on the same street. The Hindus, Muslims, Chinese, and Africans all lived peacefully and harmoniously in one place, despite the diversity of their backgrounds, culture, and beliefs.

If there is an award on how pluralism can live in harmony, Mauritius must be given that. It is practically multicultural simply because it has a diverse population. Yes, the majority of the population is Hindu, but the society is highly affluence by the French. Its native language is Creole which is French-based and mixed with African, English, and Asian vocabulary. How much pluralism can you get than that?

Come and visit Mauritius and find out for yourself how in so many ways Mother Nature has blessed this island nation with so much beauty and endless possibilities. Politically, it is also the most stable among all African countries whose pillar of economy is its tourism industry. The cost of living is affordable so that world class resorts are also offering competitive prices; £50 is enough budget for an individual person’s travel and lunch at a restaurant.  This is where you can enjoy world class fun and relaxation at much lower prices compared to Europe.

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