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Travelling Responsibly When You Have A Pet To Care For *

*This is a collaborative post.

Owning a pet is something a lot of modern people dream of. Having a little animal to be your best bud to the end, to follow you where you go and climb into your lap so you can both have snuggles on the sofa – what could be better than that? 

But of course, wanting to travel and explore the world is another common modern desire. A lot of us want to get out there, and step foot onto foreign soil, and find out all about different cultures. And trying to live both of these lifestyles at the same time seems almost impossible!

How do you care for a pet back at home when you’re rarely ever there? How do you foster a healthy and happy relationship with your four-legged friend? Well, we’ve got some ideas on how to do just that.

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Find Some Pet-Friendly Spots

There’s quite a few out there, and if you’re someone who loves a good staycation, this will definitely work out for you! You can rent out a cottage in the woods, somewhere sunny and nice, and have your dog come along with you. 

Or you could stay at a pet friendly B&B in the centre of another town, and take your dog out for walks down the high street and throughout the city parks. Either way, your pet can very much come with you, as long as they’re used to being in a car, and for long periods of time. 

Obtain a Pet Passport

They exist, and you can get your hands on one! If you’ve got the plan to go travelling on a long term basis, and you have no option to leave your pet behind, why not see if you can take them with you? Travelling with a pet isn’t as much trouble as it’s made out to be, and seeing as they’re allowed to travel on the same legal parameters as you are, why not tweak your plans a little to include them? 

Of course, if your pet needs to be placed in quarantine upon touching down in another country, you might want to give that destination a miss for the time being. But look up what and how traveling with a pet works, and see if this is a viable option for you. 

You Can Always Rely on a Pet Hotel

If you’ve got no trusted friends or family members to look after your pet for you, whether because you don’t want to leave them or the pet themselves hasn’t taken to someone, you can always use a pet hotel. There are a lot of misconceptions about pet hotels out there on the market, but the truth is that they’re incredibly reliable, and healthy places, for you to place your pet whilst you’re away. 

When you’ve got a pet at home or in tow, travelling responsibly will take a bit of time and effort. But you wouldn’t want your pet to suffer, would you? 

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