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An Expert’s 11 Tips For Choosing A Waterproofing Company *

*This is a collaborative post.

Are you planning to convert your basement into a bedroom or living space? Instead of storing junk in your basement, a basement conversion is an excellent way to utilise this space to create an extra room. 

If you’re considering converting your basement into a living area or even if you’re continuing to use it for storage, waterproofing is crucial. Waterproofing prevents water damage, mould and mildew growth. When moisture gets trapped in the foundation, it expands and contracts with the changes in the temperature. This can lead to cracks in the foundation and jeopardising the overall structural integrity. Waterproofing minimises this risk. 

When so much literally relies on waterproofing, you need the best of the best for the job. Here’s are the top tips for choosing a waterproofing expert…


Years in Business


Usually, you can trust a company that was established at least 15 years ago.  A newly inaugurated company might not have the experience to handle a project as complex as yours. Experienced waterproofing experts have the skills to efficiently deal with all kinds of projects. 

Therefore, more years in business imply a better-suited company.




Instead of hiring a company that just provides a basic waterproofing service or offers waterproofing as an ad hoc service, look for a company that provides a comprehensive range of waterproofing services. From damp proofing to watertight homes basement conversions, the ideal company will offer a complete range of services.




In today’s highly interactive market, customer reviews are a reliable way to gauge a company’s quality of service. Before hiring a company, do a deep dive into their customer reviews. If you’re seeing a lot of negative reviews, move onto a better provider.




If you’re entirely clueless about choosing a company, ask your friends and family for references. This is a reliable way to find a waterproofing company that’s capable and trustworthy.


License & Insurance


Before hiring a waterproofing company, always ask for their credentials. Ideally, a waterproofing company should have a license to operate. If a company hesitates to share their license, you shouldn’t trust them. 

In addition to a license, the company should be properly insured.




Waterproofing isn’t merely painting a protective quote, it’s a complex job that doesn’t come cheap. If you’re considering making this investment, you need a company that will back their service quality with a warranty. 

Also, always carefully read the fine terms and conditions to avoid the shorter end of the stick. 




When you’re facing a leak in your basement, there is no time to wait and waste. Don’t risk causing permanent structural damage to your foundation with a company that takes forever to deliver. Involve a company that offers prompt services and has the skills to immediately deal with the crisis on hand.


Tools & Techniques


Waterproofing services have evolved a lot in terms of tools and techniques. The modern techniques promise far more efficient services and durable results. Therefore, an ideal company should be well-versed with modern techniques and should have the latest tools at their disposal.


Price Quote


Ask your top choices for estimate price quotes. Compare these quotes to find a suitable company.




While the price is not the only factor to consider, it’s an important factor. Typically, higher quality services will be offered at a higher price. Rather than having a dispute over pricing later on, make sure you clearly communicate your budget before hiring a company. 


Written Contract


A written contract is important to avoid future disagreements and get the service you were promised. Read every line of the contract carefully, especially the fine print. You don’t want to bear any hidden charges.

Certain services should be left to experienced professionals, and waterproofing is one of these services. We hope these tips help you find a reputable waterproofing company.


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