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What Types of Garage Doors Popular in Essex? *

*This is a collaborative post.

When you hear about some of the different names for types of garage doors like sectional or up and over, you may be a bit confused. While these names speak to builders and architects of Essex, everyman may have a harder time telling them apart. In this little guide, we’ve put together short and easy descriptions of 5 different types of garage doors which are popular all over the Essex. This will help to give you a better sense of what they do, and what they look like.

Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door is made up of panels or sections, usually made up of metal. When you open up the garage, usually through an electric system, the sections roll up one by one. They slide on a vertical track installed on the ceiling, which allows for the garage door to hang parallel to the ceiling when rolled up. By far one of the most popular types of garage doors, this one offers flexibility and strength and is very easy to operate once installed.

Roll Up Garage Doors

With a roll-up garage door, it’s the whole door that rolls up at once, not just individual panels. When you open or close this door, the slats that it is made up will roll or unroll. As compared to a sectional garage door, which goes up over the ceiling when open, this one doesn’t necessitate much ceiling space at all. Instead, the rolled-up door is kept just above the opening, in a relatively small drum. Sturdy and functional, this is a garage door that is mainly used in warehouses, or for other professional buildings.

Electric Garage Doors

Opening a garage door is generally easy, but it does take a bit of time and effort. If you don’t want to have to leave your car to open up the door, or if you are experiencing mobility issues, then an electric garage door really comes in handy. It’s essentially any of the other models of garage doors: sectional, roll up, etc. except that it opens simply from the push of a button, or through an app on your phone. Electric garage doors are getting increasingly popular, and are sure to keep on improving in the age of all-over automation.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Simply put, a side-hinged garage door opens up manually in the middle, with the two parts of the door hinged onto the sides of the garage opening. These doors definitely have an old-timey feel, but they are going back in fashion. Easy to operate, no-nonsense, and now available in an automated version, these doors also don’t necessitate any ceiling space. You’ll find them made up of wood or metal, depending on the security needs of the household.

Up And Over Garage Doors

An up and over garage door does just what it says. Either manually or automatically, it is lifted up and tilts so that it comes to lay parallel to the ceiling or the floor. The only difference between this one and a sectional door is that it is made up of one piece, and hangs up parallel to the ceiling—but outside of the garage. Simple and easy to operate, this is a great door for those wanting to save up space inside the garage.

Garage doors all perform one, simple function: opening and closing down access to your garage. But the range of options is actually quite impressive, from roll-ups to up and over or side hinged garage doors, the choice often has to do with the needs of a particular household or company, with security, and with considerations of space. We hope that this guide was helpful, and helped you gain a better understanding of what different types of garage doors look like, and what they do!

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