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Four Ways to Secure your Home this Christmas *

*This is a collaborative post.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year that brings families together. It’s a time where we can stuff our faces with festive food and give gifts to one another. And even though it can be a merry occasion, our homes are also a lot more vulnerable. It’s important that homeowners take procedures to protect their home, so here are four ways to secure your home this Christmas.

Keep Presents Out of Sight

Presents are likely to be laid underneath the Christmas tree the night before or displayed around the home over the festive period. That’s why it’s important that when you’ve got expensive gifts and items wrapped or unwrapped, you keep them out of sight. Close any blinds or curtains that might look out onto the main road or where passers-by could look in through your windows. It’s something you might not necessarily think about, but a lot of households are likely to leave things out without any real concern for who might be looking in or watching. This is especially so when you might be advertising what you’ve had on your social media profiles. If you’re worried about the security of your windows, chat to your local double glazing experts about the latest window security features to protect your home.

Upgrade the Locks and Doors

Securing your home starts with the locks and doors. Security can always be tightened around the home, so if there are any locks that are coming loose or look a bit unstable, then it’s worth replacing them. The same goes for your doors, and when they need updating, one of the more secure options can be French doors in your Essex home. Make sure that you keep both the front and back doors locked whenever you’re in the home too because to have anyone be able to walk into your home is dangerous.

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV is very wise when you want to increase your security. You might live in a fairly remote or secluded area, and this could warrant getting that extra level of security that CCTV provides. A lot of these cameras will be good at deterring would-be criminals from trying to break into your home. There are those that also come with a doorbell camera and whereby you can talk through it to those who ring, even when you’re not in the property.

Be Wary in your Neighbourhood

Wherever you live, there should be a neighbourhood watch or community group that exists to help look after and protect your area. If there isn’t, it might be worth setting one up and getting all your local neighbours involved. It’s worth it to have eyes and ears everywhere to flag up any occasions where there may be someone spotted acting suspiciously, and therefore you can alert local authorities. Having a good relationship with your neighbours is important to help keep your home and your surroundings as safe as they can be.

Securing your home during the festive season is essential to ensure that your Christmas is as wonderful as it can be. No one wants to have to deal with a break-in or burglary during this time of year, so take all the precautions needed.

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