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Top Five Things to do in New York City *

It’s been just over seventeen years since I last went to New York and Mike has never been so we have spoken about making a trip there in the not too distant future. When I first went, I have to say, it just reminded me of a ‘not so nice version of London’ as it was so busy and far less history, but I was only 13 at the time. In fact, I was there for my 13th birthday, a few days before Christmas so it was hella busy and I think I just felt a little overwhelmed by it all. Saying that, I have some great memories from that trip and I’d love to go back now as a thirty-year-old woman to fully appreciate it.

But what would I do whilst I was there, I hear you asking! Well, let me tell you this, I’d be hunting out the coolest places, staying on that beaten path to discover new and wonderful things to do and of course, a Hop On Hop Off New York City Bus Tour to see everything!

Of course, we will be walking across the Brooklynn Bridge, visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, taking a stroll through Central Park, catching the views from the top of the Empire State Building and making a boat trip to see The Statue of Liberty but I don’t want to spend all my time doing those highly touristy things as I know that New York City has so much more to offer, such as…

The Color Factory

We all know I love a photo, or two, or a few thousand when I’m travelling and The Color Factory is perfect for that! In short, it’s 20,000 square feet of participatory installations of colors they’ve collected around the New York City and it looks bloody awesome! Milly from Mini Adventures has been and her post on her time at The Color Factory there has made this a must-do for me, just look at how fun and interactive it looks. I also love that when you arrive, if you’re willing enough to hand over your email address, they will give you a card with a QR code and when you’re in the exhibitions, you are able to scan the code at the photobooth points to have all the photos email to you! Technology these days, right?!

The Smallpox Hospital

I’m a big fan of UrbEx and this is a somewhere that is safe to visit! The Renwick Hospital was once home to the Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital and you’re able to wander the incredible ruins of the ivy-clad Gothic Revival style building. There is usually restoration works going on but that won’t take away from the history of this stunning building.

77 Water Street Rooftop

On top of what looks like a very normal office block, is a hidden runway with an original World War I fighter plane perched for all to see. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to view it by day, it’s lit up of an evening too. You’re not allowed on the actual roof itself as it is a functioning office, but there are plenty of viewpoints nearby.

If you do run out of ideas, or want more information then I highly recommend Isango! as a great place to book tickets and to do a little reading on what else you can do when visiting New York City.

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