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How Automation is Changing HR for the Better *

*This is a collaborative post.

As technology becomes more advanced, the process of automation becomes more common. But while great for businesses, automation has left many fearing that their jobs will become obsolete in future years. There are many tools on the market now that actually help to increase productivity, streamline processes and increase revenue for companies. HR software, like that available at Cezanne is a great example of efficient tools. However, those in HR need not worry that their jobs will be taken over by automation technology. Studies have shown that automation actually helps HR teams rather than hinders them, providing greater benefits to the department and the business as a whole. Here are just some of the reasons why all companies should consider automation software and why HR teams can actually make the most of it.

Greater Efficiency

Businesses are always seeking ways to make processes and departments more efficient, so automated tasks can be beneficial in achieving this. Technology such as HR software which automates tasks means that the HR team can provide more value to the company as a whole, with the ability to track progress on the improvements made and also provide evidence of the savings that have been made from initiatives. As the company expands, HR teams don’t need to worry that their workload will increase as a result as automation will ensure that the processes stay as efficient as always – leaving HR staff with more time to nurture the business.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Automation helps to keep employees engaged by giving them more time to work on interesting projects and tasks that really make a difference, instead of on tedious administrative processes. In turn, this helps businesses to retain staff and reduces employee turnover, which benefits the company and their reputation. It’s also a key aspect of employee onboarding, which automation can help with, further reducing employee turnover and ensuring that the business maintains a great reputation.

Lower Storage and Printing Costs

No matter the size of a business, there are always going to be associated costs for storing documents, printing costs and stationery fees. This is especially the case for HR teams who have to deal with a lot of administrative tasks. But with automation and HR software, it’s much easier to store documents digitally and cuts down on the costs associated with HR departments. It also means that documents and important files are easier to access from authorised staff, while also keeping them incredibly secure from loss and from theft.

Fewer Errors

Human errors are to be expected in any company but with automation, HR teams don’t have to worry as much about making a mistake on a document or by forgetting to submit a report on time. It’s much easier with technology to drop in data quickly or run a report, while also being notified of when tasks need to be completed for compliance. Automation helps businesses to make better decisions based on accurate data that’s free from human errors, while also ensuring that important tasks like verifying timesheets and calculating payrolls don’t get forgotten about.

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