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The Best Chemicals to Clean Driveway Stains *

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The driveway is an important aspect of the home since it is visible to everybody. Unlike a dirty kitchen that can be cleaned in due time, a dirty driveway will get noticed quickly enough. A stained driveway can destroy the entire look of the house and hence this becomes a major concern for most homeowners. Water might be sufficient to remove dirt but certain stains on concrete driveways Essex and other places require slightly more advanced methods.

There are different methods by which it is possible to remove driveway stains.

Although pressure washer and household products might do the trick, they aren’t guaranteed. Chemicals, on the other hand, have properties that make it virtually undefeatable. Here are some of the chemicals that can be used for cleaning driveway stains.

Enzymatic Cleaners

This one of the easiest ways to remove stains. These are readily available in department stores and/or hardware stores. The chemicals in this solution do most of the work. No scrubbing or water is needed to remove these stains. Enzymatic cleaners usually take days/weeks to get the job done. In some cases, those that involve larger stains might require more than one round of applying.

Oxalic Acid

This is an effective chemical to remove rust. If the driveway is stained by rust, a cleaning solution of oxalic acid should do the trick. Rust staining is more cumbersome because rust stains can penetrate deeply into concrete driveways. This makes its removal much more tedious.

Citrus-based solvents

If you find yourself stained by graffiti, this would prove to be the most viable option. Methylene Chloride and Potassium Hydroxide also do the job. These are effective for graffiti-like stains but might fail for stains that involve certain stronger paints. Give the chemicals sufficient time before power washing the concrete. One main point to note in this case is that citrus-based solvents generally require an acid neutralizer wash afterwards for the best results.


This method involves combining a solvent with absorbent material. The solvent might be either acetone or lacquer thinner while the absorbent material can be either sawdust. To remove the stain, a thick layer of the poultice needs to be applied to the stained area of the driveway. Once the area has been covered, cover the poultice with plastic and wait approximately 24 hours. The solvent breaks down the oil in the stain and the absorbent helps remove it from the driveway.

Sadly, this option is only viable for smaller stains. Removing large stains using this method might become very expensive.

Points to keep in mind when using chemicals

Use gloves when working with chemicals. Chemical solutions whether dilute or concentrate can have side-effects if it comes in contact with the skin. Use proper eyewear when working with chemicals. Unnecessary splashes into the eye can have serious complications. Certain chemicals can damage certain types of driveways.

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