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How to Pick the Best Online Bingo Room to Suit your Needs *

*This is a collaborative post.

Online Bingo is becoming somewhat of a phenomenon with the number of punters heading over to online casinos to play the age-old pastime skyrocketing. There is a game to suit everybody’s taste, with games varying from Deal or No Deal-themed to Irish-themed, and low-cost, with tickets for some games starting as low as just a penny – you’d find enough for a few turns down the back of the sofa!

If you want to try Bingo but are blown away by the huge list of rooms available, or you just don’t know where to start, then not to worry as we are here to help you pick the best room to suit your needs.


Looking out for a themed room that interests you is the perfect place to start. If Deal or No Deal is your thing then you’re in luck as there are two rooms based around the hit Channel 4 TV show. Deal or No Deal Bingo 90 is the more traditional 90 variant of the game, while Deal or No Deal Bingo 75 is obviously a 75 ball variant. Both games also feature some of your Deal or no Deal favourites like host Noel Edmonds and the infamous red boxes.

Other themes include rooms for newbies, bargain hunters, horse racing fans and Rainbow Riches – of course!

Tickets and strips

You need to purchase tickets for a game before they start, but not to worry as if the timer is running out on your selected game and you are yet to secure your tickets, there will usually be another one starting just a few minutes later.

As mentioned before, ticket prices will start at around a penny and go up to about 50p. The number of tickets and strips you can buy will also vary based on your selected game.

Prizes and jackpots

Cash prizes and jackpots will also vary depending on the game. Prizes can start from as little as just £4 and rocket into triple figures, while jackpots can reach the thousands. If you’re after the mega winnings then the Deal or No Deal games are probably your best bet as jackpots often hit five figures. However, if you’re more interested in the fun side of things, the Super Bargain Room usually offers jackpots of about 50 quid – and tickets are only a penny!

Playing the game and winning prizes

In each game of Bingo, there will be three standard prizes to be won – one line, two lines, and House or Bingo. A one-line win is when all the numbers on your ticket have been called in a horizontal line, a two-line win follows the same premise only across two lines and House or Bingo is won when all the numbers on your ticket have been called.

But what happens if you lose connection while going through a tunnel on the train, or your phone, tablet or laptop dies just before a game starts? Well, not to worry as wins are usually automatically identified by the operator meaning you’ll never miss out on your cash prize.

Alongside the standard winnings, most rooms offer their own features or bonus games. These are all completely different depending on the game, so it is worth having a scan through the room’s information page before starting.








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