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Always Losing Your Car In The Car Park? Try These Great Options To Make Sure It Never Happens Again *


We’ve all been there: you stride confidently out of the supermarket, shopping bags swinging, only to realise you’ve got no clue where your car is parked. The car park has suddenly morphed into a labyrinth, each row of cars looking identical to the last. Before you resort to clicking your key fob like a maniac, check out these great options to make sure you never lose your car again.

Use A Car Locator App

There’s a lovely little invention called a car locator app, designed to keep you from wandering aimlessly in parking lots. Download one of these digital life-savers onto your smartphone and activate it whenever you park your car. The app will save the vehicle’s GPS location, guiding you back when you’re ready to leave.

You might be wondering about the battery drain these apps can cause. Not to worry; most of them have been designed to be efficient and minimise their consumption of your phone’s battery. They can be a godsend, especially when parked in a sprawling, unfamiliar place.

Mark Your Territory with Physical Cues

You may have fond memories of tying a brightly coloured ribbon around your luggage to spot it easily on the airport carousel. Why not apply the same principle to your car? Attach a colourful flag or a scarf to the car’s aerial. This makeshift marker can help you spot your vehicle in a sea of similar-looking cars.

Of course, a physical cue isn’t foolproof. Other people may have the same idea, leading to a car park full of ribboned aerials. Still, it can be a handy secondary measure to complement a digital solution like a car locator app.

Get Unique Private Number Plates

Have you considered making your vehicle truly stand out with a customised touch? Private number plates are not just vanity items; they can also serve a functional purpose. With a unique registration, your car becomes instantly recognisable, easing the search in crowded spaces.

Companies like Plate Finder Limited offer a vast selection of options, allowing you to pick a memorable and distinctive number plate. This can be particularly useful for larger households with multiple cars, making sure that each vehicle is easily identifiable in a car park.

Utilise Car Park Features

Many car parks now offer features aimed at helping you locate your car. Whether it’s colour-coded zones, numbered spaces or even specific ‘Find Your Car’ kiosks, it’s worth taking advantage of these aids. Before walking away from your vehicle, take a moment to note the zone or space number where you’ve parked.

Some car parks have gone high-tech, providing apps that will guide you directly to your parking space. These apps often include additional services like showing you the number of available spaces or even letting you pay for your parking time.

Make It a Habit

It’s not just about using these tools, but incorporating them into your daily routine. Make a habit of activating your car locator app as soon as you park. As you step out of your car, take a quick photo of nearby landmarks or the parking space number.

Getting into this routine will ensure that you’re actively taking steps to remember where you’ve parked. Over time, this will become second nature. And who knows? You may become so adept at this that you’ll no longer need any aids to find your vehicle.

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