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The Right Type of Window Shutters for Your Home *

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If you’re looking for new window shutters Essex, it’s important to first understand the different types of shutters that are available. This will allow homeowners to pick something that’s best-suited for their home and will look great with their decor. Let’s cover the different types of window shutters Essex, and varieties for different locations of your home.

Types of Shutters

There’s more than one option to consider if you’re looking for new shutters for your home. Here are a few popular options to consider as you’re narrowing down your search.


This shutter style features two panels that sit on top of one another. You can open one or both panels to allow sunlight into your home at different hours of the day. It’s a distinct style that allows you to determine how much light/shade you want in the home, and where you want to project that light.

Tracked Shutters

For large windows or bi-folding doors, this is a great option. These shutters are installed on a track that sits on the ceiling and the ground, and they fold open/closed from the centre of the shutter system. It’s the perfect solution for sliding glass doors.

Full Height Shutters

For homeowners who want maximum privacy, these are the perfect option to consider. These shutters cover the full height of the window, including the pane, and down to the floor. They help insulate your home, so they’ll help with maintaining comfortable temperatures in the room. They’re also great for preventing UV-damage to your furniture, as they’ll block out the sunlight. This style of shutter is also excellent for tall windows, where conventional, precut shutters don’t fit.

Shaped Shutters

The name says it all. These shutters are designed for uniquely shaped windows. If you have

Shutter designers and manufacturers custom-tailor these shutters for your windows. So, they’ll look perfect and fit the exact area where they’re being installed.

Bay Window Shutters

These shutters are custom-fit for the window panel they’ll be installed onto. If you have full-depth windows, these shutters work perfectly in the space, because they’re specifically cut to fit the window’s design and curvatures.

There are other styles available. These are a few popular options you might want to compare when you’re getting ready to invest in new window shutters Essex for your home.

Additional Options When Choosing Shutters

Apart from considering the types of window shutters Essex, you also have to know what material is the best fit, or what shutter to select for specific rooms/areas of the home. For example, you can choose

Depending on the area of your home you plan on installing the shutters in, every homeowner will select something different. Before you invest, weigh your options, pricing, and finishes, so you can find the perfect window shutters Essex to match your decor when you’re ready to purchase.

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