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Be Office *

As you all know, I long to work for myself and have a lush little home office when we move in a couple of years time. I’ve even got a few interior design ideas stored up for when we get that far! sometimes when I’ve been working from home before, or even just

But sometimes when I’ve been working from home before, or even just blogging of a weekend or evening I can get so distracted. I wander to the fridge, I tidy the flat, I sometimes go so far as to bake brownies or whatever we have in the flat. Yep, it’s safe to say I could be far more productive. Even as I sit and type this, I’m looking around the room thinking about putting shelves up and needing more storage. I swear I have the attention span of a goldfish!

This would be where the likes of Be Offices would be perfect. They have serviced offices all over London with the closest being about a half hour train journey from the flat. Why don’t you just go to Starbucks? I hear you asking. Well, I have a simple answer for that…


Starbucks doesn’t come with a gym, reception, CCTV, or a switchboard where they can answer calls with ‘Squibb Vicious. Talk about make me feel important! With it also being a real office space there is far less for me to get distracted by. It would also mean I don’t raid the fridge so often too! They also have meeting rooms available for if I need to meet with potential clients and want to look professional.

Have you ever thought about hiring a serviced office?

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