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Bathroom Remodelling? Ideas for those on a Budget *

*This is a collaborative post.

If you are trying to upgrade and redesign your bathroom while keeping an eye on your tight budget, then we have tips for you.

There are many ways you can make your bathroom look luxurious and modern without having to pay for high-end products.

You can do that easily if you hit the right areas. Here are tips on doing bathroom remodelling while on a tight budget.

Plan to cut costs upfront

You should plan how the remodelling work will be conducted to avoid undoing and redoing work because several things were done ahead of others. For instance, plumbing and wiring task should be done before installing new flooring, wall-finishes and installing cabinets.

Therefore, call your local plumbers or even emergency plumbers to come and fix the water system for you. An older system may be clogged or have leaks, and your local plumbers can help to repair or replace it.

Also, keep an eye on where you can get deals for big items such as tiles and bathroom fixtures.

Be Creative with tiles

Tiling your entire bathroom can be costly, but you can cut cost by adding tiles to only those areas that are spotted and prominent. You can add a strip of tiles running horizontally on a wall while you apply a colourful, complimentary coat of paint on the remaining areas.

Also, you can add tiles in several spots in a creative pattern to enhance your bathroom appeal and at the same time, save on cost. There are artistic tiles you can use for this.

No only do the tiles make a difference, marble vanity tops really can too! They can make your bathroom look so luxurious and if they’re polished they are less likely to stain and scratch which is perfect in a room that will be used multiple times a day. Marble vanity tops are also really easy to keep clean with a soft cloth and warm water so that’s another plus!

Repaint the walls

Applying a coat of paint is a cost-effective way of renovating your bathroom. A new coat of paint can provide a fresh, new look to your bathroom.

However, it is important to point out that painting your bathroom can take considerable time because the speed of painting is slowed down around the sink, tub, mirror, switch plates, and shower area. Therefore, make sure not to underestimate this job when planning for your bathroom remodelling.

Look for colourful, impactful paint. Also, make sure to use paint with a satin finish to reduce the formation of mould in your bathroom.

Upgrade several fixtures

After painting work is done, you need to decide on the fixtures you would like to upgrade. Since you are on a budget, you can install a few things that will create an impact. You can consider installing a new sink if the old one has lost its sparkling colour, drawers, and light fixtures.

These items are often neglected, but they can bring a big change to your bathroom. For trendy and creative designs, you can contact one of your local plumbers to know the latest sink designs or even toilet bowl designs.

Use 2nd hand bathroom fixtures

You don’t have to buy everything new, especially when you are trying to save on cost. There are people who are disposing of 2nd hand fixtures such as toilet, showers, bathroom countertops, etc. that are still good-looking.

Your local plumbers may have an idea of where you can get such items easily. Therefore, talk to them.

Bathroom remodelling can be expensive. From buying and installing tiles to shopping for the right fixtures, remodelling your bathroom can get costly. However, you can consider the above tips to reduce your remodelling expenses and still make your bathroom aesthetically appealing.

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