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Refresh and Restyle: 7 Ways to get your Home Looking Fresh for Spring *

*This is a collaborative post.

Many find it sad sad when the Christmas decorations come down…it can leave the rooms in your home looking a little empty. And once the excitement of the New Year has passed and we find ourselves longing for spring, our winter décor and seasonal interior style choices can look a little tired. 

So, what could be better than stripping everything back and welcoming in a little spring freshness instead? It’s easy to get your home looking fresh for spring, so read on for 7 simple ways to refresh and restyle your home. The simplest of adjustments, from a fresh lick of paint to new skirting boards can make all the difference.

Hang some more pictures

Photographs are a wonderful way to fill the blank spaces on your walls and place happy memories in every room of the house. However, when you have the same ones up all the time they quickly become forgettable. Raise a smile in every room of your home this spring with some canvas prints, photo walls, metal prints or even images cut into custom shapes. With a little time and imagination, you could even create a gallery wall showcasing your most treasured memories from last year. Couple with some stylish frames and you’ll be amazed at how some subtle décor can instantly transform a room. 

Clean your Home for Spring

The best way to get your home feeling nice and fresh is by giving it a good, old spring clean! So, take down the curtains, wash the blinds, hoover under and behind the sofa, wash those skirting boards and consider hiring a carpet cleaner for that extra touch of freshness. You’ll feel so much better and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Restyle your surfaces 

Swap those heavy ornaments and bowls filled with pinecones and winter scents for lighter and fresher looking items. Bring in new décor, add books and fresh flowers to your side tables and dining room surfaces. During winter, we prefer a heavier and warmer style, so keep your spring décor light and airy with a minimalistic undertone.

Don’t neglect the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms of the house, which makes it easy to neglect when you’re restyling and refreshing the rest of your home. You don’t have to completely change your bathroom floor or suite to make a difference here, just little changes like a new shower curtain or bath mat, filling stylish decanters with your bathroom products and keeping the clutter and mess to a minimum will make a big impact. 

Hang more mirrors

Spring is all about natural light and the days getting longer. So, bring in as much natural light as possible and make your rooms look bigger by hanging some stylish mirrors throughout your home. Mirrors make rooms airy and light, perfect for making your rooms look fresh and new.

Refresh your bed linen

Say goodbye to your winter duvet and blankets, it’s time to refresh your bed linen with lighter fabrics and some neutral styles. Swap your throw pillows and heavy knitted blankets for lighter options instead.

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