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Three of the Best Types of Driveways in the UK *

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Once you have chosen your new home, the first question that comes into the mind when visiting the property lot for the first time is how should my driveway look like to increase my curb’s home appeal? The driveway is, perhaps, the main defining element of your property, especially from a stranger view-point. You could even say that your driveway’s condition determines the first impression that the people you welcome in will have, so most likely, you wouldn’t want to screw it up.

With that being said, it’s up to you to learn about the most popular driveway choices in The UK and pick the best one for your house, which is why in this article, we’re going to cover the following three best driveway ideas and types in 2020.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways Essex has been growing in popularity a lot as the best option for contemporary modern houses in the past two decades.

This is the perfect pick for people who choose accessibility and comfort over style as the concrete paved pathway is much easier to clean and take care of, especially when you have to pull your car into the garage through your driveway. A big advantage is that the rain not only cleans the driveway instead of messing it up but makes it shiny and reflective as well. If you wonder about slipperiness, consider going for a pathway resilient to car tires and you won’t have such problems.

Overall, concrete driveways are a much better choice for modern infrastructure houses and match very well with contemporary designs, so if you opt for such a house-style, we suggest you go with this option.

Rustic Terra-Cotta driveways

Rustic Terra-Cotta pathways are the simplest driveway type out of this list, being specially designed to give your property a rustic look. If you live in a close to temperate zone with a dry, empty-like glance, you may want to try this type of driveway as it matches perfectly with that style.

It gives a minimal but still modern feeling to the house with the cleanest view possible. You may go either with terra-cotta or brick paved driveway, depending on your taste, for example, if you have brown wood walls, you may wanna choose with brick, if brown brick walls, then the terra-cotta is the way to go.

If you want a simple, completely clean pathway, you can fill the spaces separating the bricks with concrete or stone.

Stone Pavers Driveways

Stone-paved driveways are our best recommendation if you went with the type of house that has a detached garage and an aesthetic garden positioned right next to it. It’s the best way to maintain the symmetry of your house and garden lot when parking your car into the garage. In the driveway market, stone pavers are known for being the best match with stone walls and manicured lawns. They will help you shape your garden up until to the detached garage, making it easier for you to keep a constant check on your yard. Most people get stone pavers with partitions, so they can fill the spaces with pea gravels to pair it with the garden.

At the end of the day, if you plan to buy a property with a detached garage and an aesthetic garden beside, the stone-paved driveway is a must.Now that you know what the most popular and appealing driveway types are, it’s up to you to choose the perfect one for your house and become the most visible in your neighborhood.

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