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Ten Insider Tip For Styling Product Photoshoots *

*This is a collaborative post.

In today’s digital age, it’s imperative to pay attention to the quality of photos and visual content of your brand. Whether you’re a clothing brand or a restaurant, powerful visual content alone can make your brand go viral. With the significant impact of Instagram for marketing, creating a carefully curated feed has become more important than ever.

Are you planning to launch your brand soon? But, don’t have the slightest idea about product photography?

Digitally capturing your products to persuade consumers over the internet is much more dynamic than you think. Anyone can click and post a picture, but it takes a vision and skills to effectively tell a story and engross your audience. 


In this post, we’re summarising the top tips for styling product photoshoots. Let’s get started.


Know Your Brand’s Ethos


Before you plan anything, it’s important to know the brand message you want to get across. Are you a new age brand focused around sustainability? Does your brand revolve around being young and fun? Or do you specialise in a serious issue?

Knowing your brand’s ethos will help you work with other creatives to come up with a compelling photography concept.


Understand Your Target Audience


Product photography styling is heavily influenced by what your target audience would find relatable, helpful or entertaining. 

Is your brand targeting Gen Z? Is the majority of your customer base middle-aged women? Are you catering to wealthy consumers?

The concept and styling should be based around the preferences of your target market.


Create a Vision Board


It’s not easy to come up with a styling vision without any prior experience. It would be best to dive deep into Instagram, Pinterest and other social media to drive inspiration. Create a mood board with everything that appeals to you and take it from there. 


Select a Colour Scheme


Colour is a powerful tool for stirring emotions. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the colour scheme for your product photoshoot. For instance, stick to a light, pastel palette if you’re selling candles and diffusers. On the other hand, a darker scheme with moody tones will be best if you’re offering a gadget.


Choose Props


Just photographing a product by itself will create a one-dimensional image. Adding props gives depth and creates interest. Props can be used to highlight the key features of your product. 

Spur Creative creates an extensive range of products, including giant props. Get in touch today.


Build a Story


A bunch of products placed and photographed from unimaginative angles is not going to create an impact. The photograph should tell a story and invest the viewer. 


Use a Versatile Background


The background for product photography is often overlooked. But it plays a major role in maintaining the overall aesthetics and keeping your product in focus. Ideally, a simple and neutral-toned background is a versatile option. 


Keep It Cohesive


The product, props, background, lighting and so on might look great on their own but not together. Make sure all the items complement each other in terms of scale and aesthetics.


Find a Balance


Going overboard with props and secondary objects will shift the focus from the product you’re trying to sell. Try to find the right balance when it comes to composition in order to make your product the centre of attention.


Keep It Realistic


Sure, you’re trying to make the product look appealing. But avoid over-editing during post-production to ensure it looks realistic. No one likes to receive a product that looks nothing like what was advertised online.

Product photography, especially for online brands, is a crucial conversion tool. The ultimate goal is to curate images that incite curiosity and desire in customers for your product.

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