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Online Bingo Etiquette; The Dos and Don’ts *

*This is a collaborative post.

There are very few games as absorbing, social and entertaining as Bingo and there’s a reason why this classic is still going strong today, albeit in an online environment. Gone are the days of needing to put your glad-rags on for an evening out at your local Bingo hall with your friends or colleagues. You can now play in the comfort of your own home, at any time of day, without leaving your sofa or changing from your pyjamas. Of course, like the original game and other casino favourites, there are rules to be adhered to, so here’s a quick guide to online Bingo etiquette. Bear these pointers in mind, before you next log in to your favourite site.

Online Bingo Dos

DO be polite and courteous. Whether that is to the chat host/moderator or your fellow players. One of the biggest problems with conversing over the keyboard is that often the meaning is lost, so be careful what you type in the chat room. Some people may not have the same sense of humour as you.

DO join in with chat games. They are a great way of not only getting to know the online Bingo community AKA roomies, but also winning some bonuses along the way. Chat games are organised by the host and are free to play. Maybe your cards haven’t been too lucky, not to worry – you could win a chat game and some additional spends or a free ticket later on.

DO learn the lingo. Much like classic Bingo in a dedicated hall, with its own language for ball calls, online Bingo has its own vocabulary too. This is used when chatting with players in online rooms. Most of the language derives from slang (text speak) or acronyms. But familiarise yourself with an online Bingo glossary before you play, so you understand what’s being said and can join in too.

DO remember to withdraw your funds. This may seem an obvious one, but you could be the type of player that gets carried away. You could have won a jackpot, or got lucky with lots of small wins in quick succession. Rather than spend that on more tickets, withdraw it – you’ll get much greater satisfaction. Also, always remember to play within your means.

DO find a game like Bingo Clash that you love playing, where you can play for free and fun or for real cash prizes so you’re able to sent boundaries. You can play this Bingo game on your Android, iPhone or iPad so it’s a great game for being on the go.

Online Game Don’ts

DON’T be rude or abusive. Again, this should be a given. But just because your luck isn’t in and you’re losing money, don’t take it out on your roomies. You never know, they could be having a bad day too – and not only on the Bingo front. Also, don’t be abusive to the chat moderator or any other support staff. There could be the chance that they are unable to help with your request, due to the rules. At the end of the day, follow the rules and be gracious in defeat. The online Bingo community is lively, fun and positive – nobody wants that brought down.

DON’T give away personal details – especially your bank details. Players’ usernames/aliases are a great way of hiding their identity. Of course, if you’re thinking of setting up an online Bingo account, think long and hard about your username. But you never know who’s watching, so it’s best not to reveal too much about yourself – even if you do make friends from your new-found hobby.

DON’T refresh your screen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, if your connection is weak or the page is running slowly when you make a deposit and you decide to refresh the screen to try again, you could be making that deposit twice. In such cases, the support staff may not be able to help you.

Ultimately, online Bingo is all about having fun, socialising and hopefully winning some extra cash. Whether you’re playing the traditional 90-ball game, a variant like 30-ball mini Bingo or something with a themed twist, the rules on etiquette still stand and if you adhere to them, the community will continue to thrive.


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