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Safe Storage for Sex Toys: The Do’s and Don’ts *

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We all remember a movie where a teenager is caught with a box of dildos and sex toys underneath the bed. My first thought when seeing someone discover that box filled with orgasmic goodies was ‘OMG! That’s so dirty!” And with ‘dirty’ I don’t mean the fun and filthy kind of ‘dirty’. I mean the unhygienic kind.

The raw facts are that sex toys can accumulate a variety of different bodily juices. When not kept clean and sanitary it can cause a lot of unwanted infections on our privates. Would you insert something into your most delicate bits when it has been gathering up dust and grime in an open container? If you have, you’re forgiven. If you don’t even own a box of sex toys, it’s time to get with the program. Read this for a few reasons on why sex toys are modern-day essentials.

To continue a healthy and hygienic sex-storage practice I’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to storing your secret toys.


To keep you on the right track of pleasure toy maintenance, here is my list of definite do’s:

Keep Them Separate

You might want to keep your toys snuggled up together in one space, but it’s much safer to keep each toy in their own little bag or box. Especially if you own a bunch of silicone toys. Unfortunately, silicone eats silicone and leaving them for a long period of time in the same proximity, will damage the silicone. Ultimately affecting their longevity.

For those made from metal, glass, or plastic – they can have a huge orgy together. To avoid fumbling around looking for your preference, it will be wise to organize your goodies according to type and size.

Do Get Creative

If you own many different types of models, you can get creative with your storage. Some people even own more than 300. You can invest in a few sets of nightstand drawers with dividers inside.

When you have a special room for your sexual goodies, you can invest in a few hanging cupboards. Hooks for BDSM ropes, whips, and strap-on harnesses are great alternatives to leaving them tangled up in a drawer.

No matter what containers you opt for, they should be able to close and provide a comfy and dry environment.

For some fun and unique storage ideas, go here:

You can even buy toys like the tenga geo that comes with its own stand that lets it air dry. The tenga geo is a male masturbator that offers you an elegant, enveloping pleasure. To keep clean remove excess water with a soft cloth and place the Geo on the included stand to dry.

Do Store Them Close to the Bed

You wouldn’t want your guests finding your bedroom playmates vibrating in the bookshelves, now would you? Unless you like to display your goodies, store them within reach. Either in a container under the bed or a bag in the bedside table drawer.

It will be easier to store it away neatly when its container is close to where the action happens.

Lockable Cases

High quality products can be quite expensive and that’s why you can invest in a lockable unit to store them in. Either a cute vanity case or a smaller lockable bathroom case.

For extra protection you can invest in a unit that uses UV-C technology to destroy unwanted germs and bacteria. It’s rechargeable and have a built-in USB charger port for your toys.

Totem Bags

Most high-quality sex toys, like those on Tempting Alice’s guide to sex toys, come with antibacterial bags or well-protected storage boxes. Don’t discard these items and use them as separate storage compartments for your vibrating friends.

Other bags that are great alternatives are cute and glittery organza bags or soft pouches with drawstrings. If they don’t come with the product then you can easily purchase them from a dispensary online.


To ensure the longevity of your sexual stimulators, here are a few things you definitely shouldn’t do:

Don’t Put Them Away Dirty

The most important part when storing your sex toys is keeping them clean. Don’t throw them into the container after playtime. Use a sex toy cleaner or disinfectant after use and dry them off with a clean cloth before storing. For leather goods, you should use a conditioner before storing them away.

If you don’t keep your toys clean and well maintained, they will degrade and become unsafe to use.

Don’t Leave Them Out and About

The fastest way to degrade your collection is when you leave them out and about. This includes on the windowsill with the sun shining on it, or on a shelf with it gathering up dust. Take good care of them and store them away neatly. This will not only ensure their longevity, but also ensure that you and your partner aren’t exposed to unwanted bacteria and germs.

Click here for tips on safely cleaning your sex toys.

Invest in Low Quality Products

When most of us started using bedroom accessories, we first tried the really cheap ones. Usually made from cheap plastic or rubber. You can store these low-quality products as safely and securely as possible, but they still won’t last as long.

Do some research and rather invest in a couple of really good quality and decently manufactured products than loads of crappy ones.

Throw them All in One Container

When certain materials touch, they create chemical reactions which degrade and break down the toy’s barrier. Materials that don’t go together well are jelly to rubber, and silicone to silicone. Glass toys stored together can cause breakage and result in a really unpleasant sexual experience.

When the product is soft and squishy, it’s probably more porous and are at greater risk to break down. As a general rule, keep all your toys in a separate bag or box. If you don’t have the budget to spend on high-end anti-bacterial satin bags. Then you can opt for organza bags, lint-free socks or scarves to wrap them in.

As long as you keep your toys clean, dry, and in a separate storage bag, they’ll live a long and happy life.

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