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Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until I Was In My 30s *

*Collaborative post.

With almost being 18 months into my 30s, there are so many things that I’ve learnt! I mean, being in a pandemic is pretty intense and has been a huge learning curve, but it’s also given us time to sit down and evaluate what we want in our future. Yes, a dog is basically top of the list but I’ll start with the more serious matters and move to the more trivial items!

Life Insurance

I had no idea just how important life insurance is, especially now that we are looking to buy a house together as we are able to get policies that can cover a specific debt like a mortgage should the worst happen! I legit thought that life insurance was something you needed when you were a lot older and often got health and life insurance muddled! I can confirm that they are two very different things and that life insurance is now a very high priority!

We are planning on using as they are an insurance comparison site that compares prices from multiple providers to help you find the right deal for you. We obviously want the best value for money with the best coverage options!

Cheaper Car Insurance

This one was a point made by Papa Squibb and he’s so right! When I first passed my driving test I was paying almost £2,000 a year for my super cute, yet pretty speedy Street KA and now we pay under £350 between Mike and I, which is such a welcome saving! I mean, I do drive far more sensible cars now but a saving of over £1,500 is perfect when we are saving to buy a house as every penny really does count!

Thankfully, can help with this, too!

Craft Beer

So, you may have noticed that I’m really into craft beer and over the past 18 months it’s a love of mine that has really grown! I even have a full Instagram dedicated to what we drink!

I never thought I’d be a beer drinker as it’s not something I grew up around, but as my tastes have matured I can really appreciate the work that goes into the brewing process and just how many variations of beer there are. It also means that when we get to travel, doing brewery tours are always pretty high up on our list which is just awesome!

A Vinyl Collection

This may seem like an odd one to a lot of people but last year Mike and I started a vinyl collection of all the albums that mean something to us, whether that be as a couple or from when we were growing up. I never really appreciated just how incredible music sounds when played on a record player with a decent set of speakers! It also means we sit and listen to full albums without skipping tracks like you would if you were listening digitally. It’s become a bit of a Squibbert thing to play vinyls of a Friday evening whilst we cook, eat dinner and share a few beers; it’s brought a different kind of enjoyment to our evenings in!

What’s something you didn’t know you needed until you hit your 30s?

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