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Why You Should Learn How to Groom Your Cat At Home *

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The pandemic changes you wholly as a person and as a citizen of your own country. The current situation asks you to be more responsible and cautious in your actions. There are places under quarantine and a simple errand like going to your pet’s veterinarian is a big challenge. They say that for the next couple of months, this will be the “new normal.”

It is not only humans but also animals affected by this situation; however, let this not hinder us from taking care of each other. Aside from taking care of our family members, let us not forget our pets are also family. They also need support, love, and care at this trying time. Imagine them stuck inside the house, and they cannot carry out their activities and exercises outside. 

Now that you know the situation of your pet let us go to the focus of this article.

This article will discuss the reasons why proper grooming is essential for your pet cat. Also, it will enumerate ways on how you can take care of your cat, especially at this time. 

Now that you are staying at home with your pet cat, read below how you can help make his or her healthy.

Reasons Why You Should Practice Good Grooming to your Cat

It makes them move easier.

Can you imagine your cat walking inside the house with long hair that it is somewhat covering her feet? You might find it adorable at first, but try to look at your pet’s mobility. It could cause a slow bodily response from your cat if this continues. It is why you must always make sure that the hair is not covering the eyes and feet.    

It helps them in looking and feeling clean about themselves.

Whatever they feel inside has something to do with their behavior or mood. The more your pet gets cleaned, the better he or she will show the right attitude to the people around them. It minimizes the occurrence of tantrums. Also, it helps them feel relieved, especially during hot weather. 

It prevents them as well as the people around them from getting sick.

The longer the hair and nails of your cat, the chances they can collect dirt on it. Always check on it. Bath them to remove the dust. It will prevent any diseases from spreading in your other pets or even to the people in your house. 

It keeps them away from getting into accidents at home.

Some pets already have a physical condition that needs more attention. For this reason, you should prevent anything from causing injuries to them. Brush the hair, cut the nails, or check the paws. Click here for more information on grooming nails.

Since your trips to the veterinary clinic are limited, you might be thinking of cutting your cat’s hair all by yourself, and that is okay. Learn about the many ways that you can do for your pet. 

Ways How to Groom Your Cat During This Pandemic

Use a nail clipper to cut the nails.

If you are not sure how to do it, ask the help of your veterinarian. Before you cut your cat’s nails, make sure that he or she is ready for it. Please do not force them because they might get scared and never try it anymore. You can give your pet treats while doing this, so that he or she is more focused on the treats than on the cutting of the nails. 

 Brush your pet’s hair using a pet comb.

One of the many things that you have to clean is your pet’s hair. Untangle the knots on your pet’s fur to avoid dirt getting stuck in between of hair strands. For shedding, you can also use pet hair vacuum attachments to be safe. It will also remove fallen hair, and you will have time to check if there are fleas.

Check the eye and ear regularly. 

Your pet can acquire diseases if the eyes and ears are infected. He or she can have otitis interna due to bacteria, which could post symptoms. The symptoms also manifest in the eyes like having dry eyes and the inability to blink. Clean the ears when needed and remove dirt that blocks the outer ear part. Be careful not to touch the eardrum when cleaning the ear.

Wash your pet on a schedule.

You are concerned with your pet’s health, and bathing them will make them healthier. Your pet will not be sickly. However, washing your cat every day may not do them good, especially for old cats. Bathe them with warm water and use clean towels in drying them. You can choose between an adult cat dip or spray method in putting them into a bath. 

It would be best if you always looked after your cat even though you only stay at home. Make it a habit to check the things enumerated above though there are still some that you can add for your cat’s grooming routine. Just remember to prepare her and calm before you do anything else. Getting her scared is the very least thing that you should do.

The pandemic not only changes us but also how we should take care of our loved ones or family, including our pets. That is why grooming them will not only save them, but it will also protect the people around you from diseases.

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