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How About the Best UK Beers From a Tap at Home? *

*This is a collaborative post.

If you’re amongst the millions of Brits who love some indoor time, one thing you might need is a good beer. The UK has a rich heritage in brewing. This means you have a wide range of beers to choose from. It gets better; if you want to add a touch of freshness and sophistication to your beer, you can install a beer tap at home.  

You can now buy beer dispenser online and your guests will always marvel at the creativity. Simply put, you’ll never lack for company. So what are some of the popular beers you should try? Take a look:

St Austell Proper Job

Of the new wave India Pale Ales (IPAs), St Austell Proper Job ranks highly. It’s made with Cornish-grown Maris, Otter malting barley and American Cascade, Chinook and Willamette hops.

Thornbridge Jaipur

This is another popular IPA that features a traditional British style bursting with citrus and tropical fruit notes. Add to this the sweet, malty base and you have the perfect beer for your evening.

Stella Artois

Originally released as a special holiday beer for Leuven locals. The Belgian beer is almost 100 years old.


Guinness ranks as the most popular beer and cider brand across the globe.  The stout is made from water, barley, roast malt extract, hops, and brewer’s yeast.  It stands out due to its good quality, cream of the crop, traditional, tasteful and tasty.

Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter

This is what real ale should be and it ranks among the best traditional beers in the UK. The open square fermentation and the yeast culture give the beer a distinct character.


This has to be one of the most popular beers on the tap in the UK. It has an alcohol content (ABV) of 4.0% and contains water, malted barley, glucose syrup, barley, hops, hop extract). The brand dates back to 1888 when the Foster brothers first brewed it.

Samuel Smith, Taddy Porter

Roasted coffee and chocolate flavours are the best accompaniments to a log fire in the middle of winter. That’s why sweet stouts such as Samuel Smith, Taddy Porter are so popular in the UK. This Yorkshire beer from a bygone era features that classical sweet roasted malt and musky yeast aromas. It’s a beer that throws you to another age of beer brewing.

Allendale Pennine Pale

It ranks as one of the best British beers and for a good reason. The brewing technique for This Northumberland pale ale stands out. Brewed with a trio of hops hopped five times to give you a beer perfect for summer.

Beer on the Tap: Adding Thrill to your Indoors

If you love your beer, you appreciate how frustrating it can be to dress up just for a drink at your local pub. What’s more, organising beer for any family events is always a problem but you can easily solve this by investing in a beer tap for your home.

At-home drinking has many benefits, including more time for family or room for private conversations with friends. If you have a game room at home, there’s no better addition to this space than a beer tap. There are state-of-the-art beer taps available online which create that pub experience in the comfort of your home.

These dispensers are stylish, compact and they come with a large compatible beer range and beer chilling capacity. They’re easy to install, and in no time you’ll be having one of these popular beers straight from a tap in your own home.

Final Thoughts

It’s healthy to engage in outdoor activities, but there’s so much preventing such a lifestyle. Majority of Brits would love to spend more time outdoors but circumstances don’t allow it.  From the weather, remote working opportunities to internet services, there’s so much that makes indoor life more appealing. With a beer dispenser in your home, you can now have fun with family or friends when indoor. These appliances add the thrill to your indoors. 

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