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What To Buy The Man In Your Life This Christmas *

*This is a collaborative post.

After a very long and surreal year, Christmas is back around the corner. As the autumn months fly by, we’ll be left wondering what happened to the year. But there isn’t much time to be doing that! There is Christmas shopping to be done!

The question is what can you buy for the man in your life? Some men are very easy to buy for, while others can be a bit of a challenge. If the man in your life falls into the latter category, then you will probably need a bit of help selecting the right gift for him this Christmas. 

Here are some suggestions for what you can buy the man in your life this Christmas. 

Buy Him A Track Day 

If your man is a bit of a petrol head, he may well appreciate a day out getting to drive formula one cars, supercars, or sports cars. There are plenty of companies that offer experience days where you can drive around a race track. 

Buy Him A Drone

Whether he has expressed an interest in getting a drone or not, he probably wants one whether he knows it or not. Get him a camera drone that will allow him to stream the footage back to the camera. You can learn more about the latest drones on Dr.Drone website.

When shopping for a drone, you will want to look at durability as one of your main selling points. No drone is indestructible, however, some will take more of a knock than others. 

Buy Him A Shirt 

This is your real chance to help him out with his style. If your man doesn’t dress so well, you can buy him shirts that will add to his sense of style without being too pushy about it.

Buy Him A Record Player

Vinyl has made a massive comeback over recent years, and it shows no signs of going back out of style. More and more albums are released on vinyl all the time, and if your man is a music lover, then he may appreciate a record player and a few choice records to play on it. 

Buy Him A Beard Grooming Kit 

If your man has a beautiful beard, then you will want to encourage him to look after it properly. You can do this by buying him a beard grooming kit. This might include trimmers, beard oils and beard wash. 

Buy Him Aftershave

If he doesn’t have a beard, then you may want to buy him some aftershave. Fortunately, the days of Old Spice for Christmas are long gone. Get him a sophisticated fragrance such as Bleu de Chanel.

Buy Him A Craft Beer Subscription 

If he enjoys a glass or three of beer every now and again, he’ll love to get a craft beer subscription. With plenty of companies offering similar subscription boxes, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. He’ll get a different beer in the post each month and he can compare and contrast and become a real connoisseur. 


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