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Lockdown Dating Take 2: 4 Socially-Distanced Ideas *

*This is a collaborative post.

Oh God, not again! Yes, the time is almost here, folks. As of the beginning of the month, the country goes into a second lockdown, and you have to navigate your way through the awkward waters that are lockdown dating.


Do you sign up for Tinder? Do you go on countless virtual dates with no end in sight? Do you bother at all and wait it out? #Dryspell. There is good news – this isn’t your first rodeo. The second attempt is always easier as you understand the cans and the cannots, and the dos and don’ts.

Without further ado, then, these are socially-distanced lockdown ideas for daters.

Form A Bubble

In an ideal world, you live alone, they live alone, and you can hop on the good foot and do the bad thing. Of course, relationships aren’t that simple, not when commitment is involved. Firstly, you need to figure out whether a bubble will lead to more later, and if that’s a good thing. It’s not only about scratching an itch. Secondly, you need to figure out what they want. When everybody is on the same page, there’s nothing better than lighting candles and popping a bottle of vino while the takeaway arrives. The key is to sum up your feelings quickly without rushing in. Good luck!

Do It Outside

The date! Look, analysing the future with a person you met on a dating app a week ago isn’t for everyone. You might want to do it the old-fashioned way and see where it leads first. Thankfully, this is still possible during the Covid era as meeting up with one person outdoors is allowed. With parks, beaches, and national trust sites all open, there are tonnes of destinations to go on a romantic outing and enjoy each other’s company without the impending sound of church bells.


Have A Q&A

As socially-distanced dates go, a question and answer session has to be the worst! Sure, it looks bad on the face of things, yet you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. After all, love experts believe there are thirty-six questions you can answer that will determine whether you are a match. Don’t worry because it’s not foolproof. Instead, the questions are ranked in order of least to most revealing, encouraging people to open up and be intimate. Intimacy is hard when you’re on a video call, so these Qs and As could be the ticket.

Exercise Together

Socially-distanced workout sessions are actively encouraged, although they aren’t for the faint-hearted. You don’t want anything too intense. Remember that you need to talk to get to know one another, and that’s not possible if you’re focusing on breathing! Yet, if you strike the right balance, you can legally be near each other without breaking the rules, plus the adrenaline and endorphins from the activities will make things hot and sweaty in the best sort of way. If you have good endurance, you can meet up a couple of times a week.

Lockdown 2.0 will be challenging for daters and singletons, but it’s not impossible if you’re innovative and open-minded!

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