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5 Great Apps For Dog Owners *

*This is a collaborative post.

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience, as well as a big responsibility. Whether it’s vet trips, grooming, or providing a great diet, you might be glad of a few tools to help you take care of your dog.

Petcube Camera 

Petcube Camera is an app that works as a pet camera, including HD video and Wi-Fi capabilities. Using the Petcube app you can take advantage of all these features:

Whistle Pet Tracker

Whistle is a pet tracking application with a range of handy features. Using the app you’ll receive an alert when your pet has moved out of a designated area. With the help of location tracking features, you can find your dog using GPS and a Wi-Fi connection. Other features of the app include activity tracking and goal setting, using Whistle you can monitor your dog’s daily activity, and create health goals. Check out the timeline for insights and health stats, you can also celebrate your dog’s achievements, by providing rewards. 


Dog Clicker Training 

Using this free application you can use your smartphone as a clicker device. So what exactly is a clicker? It’s a device that you can use to produce a clicking sound, the sound is commonly used to communicate with dogs. The idea is to associate the clicking sound with positive behavior, using the clicker when your dog performs the desired actions. Positive training produces great results, plus it’s fun for your pooch. You can use a clicker trainer to teach your pet lots of different tricks and commands. The Dog Clicker Training app includes stunning design work, great sound effects, and high def audio. With the help of this free app you can train your dog, and reward good behaviour.


With the Doglog app, you can monitor your dog’s temperature, health, weight, and more. It’s a free app that can help you to take better care of your dog. Using Doglog you can monitor eating habits, medicine, vet appointments, and activities. The app offers reminders, photos, notes, and analytics. With all these features to use, you’ll soon have a healthy and happy dog. You can use the app to manage your dog-related tasks and create a health schedule for your pooch. Further features include:

Bring Fido

The Bring Fido app helps dog owners to search for dog-friendly places, whether it’s attractions, hotels, restaurants, or beaches. You can make bookings directly in the app, and search by price, rating, or distance. With the help of Bring Fido, it’s easy to plan a day out with your dog. You can also email the ‘pet travel’ experts behind the app, with any queries or questions you have.

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