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Feline Friend Or Canine Companion- Which Pet Is Best For You? *

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Are you a cat or a dog person? This is a classic first date question. Some people will respond without hesitation, while others will take their time to mull it over before deciding that they like both equally. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, and you’re not sure whether to opt for a feline friend or a canine companion, here are some questions to ask before you make a decision. 

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How will a pet fit in with your lifestyle?

One of the most crucial factors to consider when you’re thinking about adding a new member to the family is your lifestyle. Taking responsibility for a pet is a lot to take on and it will influence the choices you make in terms of your social life, your activity levels and how much time you spend away from home. Dogs are very different from cats when it comes to the impact on your lifestyle. Cats are relatively self-sufficient, they can use an indoor litter tray, they won’t consume all their food in one go if you leave enough for the whole day in their bowls and they don’t crave attention like dogs do. Dogs don’t like to be left alone, most breeds require a lot of exercise and you’ll need to be around to let your pup out and feed it once or twice a day. 

Having a dog may prevent you from travelling frequently or spending long periods away from home and it might also limit your movements in terms of planning days out or spontaneous weekends. If you do like to travel and you’re desperate for a dog, there are solutions. You could ask friends or family members to dog sit for you, you can investigate local kennels and boarding facilities or you could take your dog with you if you’re staying close to home. There are many hotels, holiday camps and cottages and villas that allow pets. Cats can be left overnight, but it’s wise to consider finding a cattery or asking a friend or relative to look after your cat if you plan to be away for more than a couple of days. 

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Do you have space for a dog?

Another important consideration for prospective dog owners is space. Do you have space at home for a dog? If you’re thinking about getting a dog, it’s wise to consider how much space you have inside and outside. Dogs like to run around and they need to go out to go to the toilet and you might find that a small living space becomes even more cramped with a pet pooch added into the mix. If you have a small flat, for example, it may be best to avoid getting a dog, particularly if you don’t have a garden or live close to a park or a green area where they can exercise and socialise with other dogs. Cats don’t take up a lot of space, they can be indoor or outdoor pets and they don’t need to go for long walks to burn off energy. If a lack of space is an issue, you live in the middle of a city or town and you don’t have access to green areas, it may be best to opt for a cat rather than a dog. 

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Do you have a preference?

Some people love dogs and dislike cats. Others love cats and don’t care much for dogs. Many people love both cats and dogs. Your personal preferences will always influence your decision and it’s beneficial to consider them along with other factors, including your lifestyle, your job and the size of your home and garden. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a cat because you fell in love with famous cats from films or you’ve dreamed of getting a dog after owning one as a child or maybe you’re open to exploring both options. It is possible to start with a cat and get a dog if your circumstances change or to have both types of pets together. There is an assumption that cats and dogs don’t really get on, but in many households, felines and canines live in perfect harmony. 

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