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Best Places to Eat in Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote, Spain *

I am one of those people that plan their holidays around eating. Yes, the way to my heart is 100% through my stomach and I love to try new foods around the world. One place that has popped up on my radar lately and that’s Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote, Spain. Puerto del Carmen is home to plenty of beaches such as sandy Playa Grande and Matagorda to chill out on during the day. We can spend our evenings wandering down to the fishing boats that cluster at the old town dock, El Varadero to watch the sunsets and the progress on to Avenida de las Playas. This beachside boulevard, lined with shops, restaurants and lively nightclubs to spend our evenings in. If we ever get bored of the beach life, we can head inland to Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park where that is a zoo. But of course, I’m here to talk about all that food we are going to consume…

Being in Spain I’d plan on eating all of the Spanish food I possibly could, I’m not one for traveling abroad and eating food I can get anywhere else. I want to fill myself with tapas and all of the fresh good I can find!

My first port of call would be Lani’s Cafe as after doing lots of research, they have some of the best reviews in town! Lani’s Cafe offers Mediterranean and fresh daily market cuisine that combines the simplicity of traditional cuisine with the refined flavours of top quality cuisine. The restaurant itself has magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and Fuerteventura. so I’d certainly be requesting a window seat. The atmosphere has so many good reviews, the service is meant to top-notch which greatly appeals to me, and it’s also been said that they don’t rush you. Being rushed in restaurants is such a pet hate of mine as I like to take my time, take in my surrounds especially when there are good views and also to spend valuable time with my company!

La Carmencita del Puerto also has fantastic reviews which have tempted me into popping that on my list as I love the idea of sitting on the beach front with great views, brilliant service, and even better food! The owners are known to make frequent appearances which I think shows how proud they are of what they are offering. I’d devour all of the tapas they had on offer whilst drinking fabulous Spanish wines and watching the sunset, sounds like a decent night out right?

There are so many more places that have popped up whilst looking at Puerto del Carmen that I think we’d need a week there to ensure we have enough time to try all of the restaurants we have come across recently! I’ve also done my homework on Puerto del Carmen villas and there are plenty of lush self-catering places to stay too which greatly help us as we can have a light breakfast at home before heading out for the day.

Do you plan trips around food?

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  1. Rachel says:

    Oooh I’ve been here a few time, there’s an amazing Route 66 themed bar! xo

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