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What Sports Should I Play This Summer? *

*This is a collaborative post.

With summer just around the corner, you might be wondering how you can use the time to good effect. Instead of passively watching the days disappear, why not choose a new sport or activity to get into. You will improve your fitness and meet new people. 


Swimming is sometimes defined as a sport, other times it’s a leisure activity. If there’s a competitive element, however, even if that competitive element is only with yourself, you can comfortably define it as a sport. Not that it’s particularly important for your fitness levels. 

Summer Is an excellent time to swim and improve your fitness. Swimming is the perfect time full-body workout. It takes the strain off your joints so your muscles get a chance to stretch and flex without any impact. If you go wild swimming use a Jetpilot wetsuit.


Many sports close during the summer because of the heat, but tennis isn’t one of them. Conversely, tennis thrives in the heat. The courts are nice and firm and the rain is far off, perfect conditions to hit the court. 

Find a friend who’s also interested in playing tennis and getting fit, then find a club that has some outdoor courts perfect for summer matches. At first you might find you’re off the pace, tennis is a game that takes some perseverance, but stick with it for results. 


If you love hockey you might be disappointed in the summer when the season comes to an end. But have you considered street hockey, otherwise known as ground hockey? This game is virtually the same as the ice rink version with a few modifications. 

Street hockey is a great way to maintain your fitness during the summer. All you need to play is a stick, some team members and a court. Like other teams sports, it gives you a good cardio workout, builds core strength and builds leg muscles. 


If you didn’t think dancing was a sport you’re in for a surprise. Breakdancing will soon be incorporated into the Olympics as an official sport and other forms of dancing are sure to follow. Dancing can have a competitive element and makes for a very good workout. 

Whatever form of dancing you’re into you can learn it on the Internet or in your local area. Summer is a great time to get into it because you have outdoor spaces to practice and sunshine to enjoy. Build your fitness and strengthen your core with dancing this summer. 


The football season might be over but for football lovers the world over the 5 aside season is ready to kick off. The summer months are too warm for professional football in most places so it makes sense to end the season, for 5 aside, however, it’s ideal. 

5 aside soccer gives you a full-body workout. You will work the legs, arms, and core. Its real benefit, however, is the cardio. The stop and start nature of the game is a lot like basketball for fitness levels. Watch your stamina soar this summer. 

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