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How Switching From Smoking To Vaping Is Easier Than Ever *

*Collaborative post.

Ten years ago, switching from smoking to vaping was seen as an odd choice, not only that but also a dangerous choice. That was mainly due to the fact it was an unknown variable in science, health and society in general.

These days, it’s much more common to see someone in the street using a vape device, than lighting a cigarette. Here are some reasons why.

The Health Reasons

Firstly, one of the main reason’s smokers move to vaping, is that it can help kick their addiction to nicotine and smoking in general. This is because vaping can give you a smaller amount of nicotine over time, allowing you to slowly bring your levels down, kicking the addiction.

Away from the addiction reasons, vaping, in general, will be better for you than smoking, as burning the tobacco in cigarettes releases tar into your system.

Tar actually has a lot of cancer-causing chemicals, when tobacco smoke is inhaled, the tar that burns will form a sticky layer within the lungs. This is where the cancel can come in, causing lung issues such as emphysema, or other issues inside of your body.

Options Available To You

Now that you have some reasons to look into it, you will be glad to hear of how many different variations of vapes are available to you. You can browse The Vape House to see what’s out there and get assistance in purchasing e-liquid. They have a range of unique flavours, from menthol and tobacco to more fun options such as fruity and dessert flavours.

E-Liquids come in a range of different shapes and sizes, but more importantly, can come in a range of different strengths. You can even get nicotine-free liquids eventually.

To get started, you could get a basic vape pen. These pens are fairly basic, but are useful for someone who has never vaped before, as they can give you an insight into what vaping is like on the cheap, without committing to a fancier device.

With vaping, you will usually have a device last for a couple of years, depending on the brand and make. Devices can range anywhere from £20-£50 on average, with e-liquids costing about £10, but many times you can buy a few in a bulk deal, saving costs.

Comparing this to the cost of weekly cigarettes, and you start seeing how much you can potentially start saving.

Vape Community

The great thing about just getting started with vaping, is that you’ll be able to join the vaping community. This could be via a web forum, a Facebook group or any online source.

Indeed, vape culture is on the rise, from what started as a way to stop smoking, to a place where like-minded people can meet and socialise and make friends. Even within these cultures, you could find sub-cultures that go further down certain elements of vaping, which is always worth looking into, as there will be something for everyone.

These communities are very welcoming and can assist you in choosing vapes, mods, kits, e-liquids and optimise settings.

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