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DIY tricks for Dog Owners *

*Collaborative post.

Looking to save money as a dog owner? Trying a few of these DIY tricks could be a way of spending less, as well as a fun way to test your craft skills. Below are just a few different DIY tricks for dog owners.

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DIY dog toys

Is your dog forever chewing through new toys? Instead of forking out £10 on a new rubber ball or tug rope, consider whether you can make your own dog toys.

There are many household items that can be turned into chew toys for dogs. For instance:

DIY dog food

It’s possible to also make your own dog food. This could save you a lot of money on food bills – especially if you’ve got a big dog that likes to devour a lot of food. You can also mak sure that any dog food is wholly organic and not full of preservatives and fillers.

You can find lots of fun dog food recipes online. An old standard is ground meat, rice and veggies – this is considered very well-balanced nutritionally, is easy to prepare in batches and is a mixture that most dogs are certain to love. 

It’s important that any food you make for your dog meets their nutritional needs. Different breeds can require different calorie and protein intakes – it’s worth talking to a vet or dog nutritionist about any recipes you plan to use to ensure that they are healthy for your dog. Alternatively, you may want to use homemade dog food alongside commercial dog food just to be safe (while many commercial dogs foods may contain chemicals, trusted brands will always meet nutritional guidelines, so that you know your dog is getting the basic nutrients that it needs).

DIY dog treats

Treats can be a great tool for praising and training your dog. However, you don’t have to buy bags of treats at the supermarket. There are many easy recipes for homemade dog treats that you can find online.

A few great ingredient combos that can be turned into DIY dog treats include:

DIY dog toothpaste

Brushing a dog’s teeth is important for their dental health. However, much like human toothpaste, you don’t have to buy tubes of it from a shop – it’s possible to make your own. 

You can find a great recipe here made from coconut oil, cinnamon, chicken, baking soda and mint leaves. Such a combo can help to loosen up plaque and freshen your dog’s breath, plus they’re likely to like the taste so brushing will be less of a struggle. 

DIY collar and lead

If you’re feeling slightly more ambitious, you could take on the craft project of designing and making your own collar and lead. This could allow you to create a personalised collar that ensures your dog never gets lost, as well as helping you and your dog to stand out when going for walks. 

This site offers a guide on how to make a dog collar. You can choose the fabric and stitch pattern. You could even stitch on some letters to spell out your dog’s name. A rope or chain lead could be easily constructed with a matching handle.

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