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Couples Retreat Ideas to Shake off that Quarantine Funk *

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Many people came out of 2020 exhausted after having spent the last year with only one or a few people. If you and your partner need a romantic pick-me-up, you’ll love these couples retreat ideas.

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What is a couples retreat?

The couples retreat is an underrated wellness tool for maintaining happiness and fulfillment in your relationship. Whether you’re married or RDPs (registered domestic partners), a short holiday like this can do wonders for your individual and collective mental and emotional health.

Couples retreats can take many different forms. For example, some are religious and can celebrate the couple in the context of that faith. Others are activity-based and might center on yoga or meditation.

Regardless of the retreat’s specifics, these are all generally meant to improve certain aspects of the relationship, help the couple work toward a goal, or resolve existing problems.

Jon Caldwell, a practicing psychiatrist, told the Chicago Tribune, “Some are quite general in their approach, while others are specifically geared toward certain problems, processes, and goals.”

Couples retreats might also differ in who is expected to attend. For instance, you might hire a therapist or counselor to guide you through a specific problem over the retreat’s duration.

Some churches and community organizations offer programs that include complimentary therapy services at specialized events.

However, not all couples therapy events require professional assistance. Sometimes, having a good ol’ fashioned vacation with your love is good enough.

Another common characteristic of couples retreats is that they’re typically held in a group setting. As few as two couples might go, or in large community events, up to 50, in some cases.

What do you do on a couples retreat?

The activities you can participate in during a couples retreat will vary based on the theme, host, location, and more. Here are a few examples of the most popular activities:


This is one of the most common activities, regardless of location. This is a central part of an emotionally and romantically fulfilling vacation. It provides long-term tools and practices for the couple to maintain their joy and unity for years to come.


Sometimes you just gotta pamper each other (and yourselves). Getting a relaxing massage might be just what you and your partner need to unwind and appreciate one another more deeply.

Worksheets and workbooks

Do you have a specific relationship goal? For instance, you could buy a couple’s workbook on how to learn each other’s love languages. You could dedicate the whole retreat to better communication and relationship fulfillment.


I’ll admit, I think this is one of the most romantic activities you could do together. Couples stare into each other’s eyes for an extended period, encouraging them to work past the awkwardness and insecurity and connect on a deeper level.

Listening exercises

Taking the time to practice “active listening” (the practice of listening, then mirroring or reflecting the speaker’s words) can make each person in the relationship feel heard and valued.

Of course, between all these activities, you can also schedule a time to do something that’s special to both of you. This could be as simple as snuggling in bed for an extra hour to taking water ski lessons together.

As long as you do something that creates new, positive memories and the tools to care for each other more effectively, it’s the perfect couples retreat for you.

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Fun couples retreat ideas

The theme and activities you want at your couples retreat will depend on your shared interests with your partner and the group at large. For example, those who love outdoorsy activities should try a cabin as their retreat venue.

In such a setting, you could focus on disconnecting from technology and work life by enjoying each passing moment in nature. You might learn to cooperate by working together to complete a scavenger hunt or learn hard skills like building traps.

You don’t have to rent a cabin in a far-off national forest. You can find some beautiful rental cabins in mountainside rural communities or tourist locations near state and regional parks, for example.

At the same time, you can make sure your retreat venue is within reasonable driving distance to the city. That way, you can indulge in some fun nightlife, too.

If you and your partner want to practice self-care individually and collectively, you might be interested in a holistic wellness retreat. These emphasize mindfulness and self-reflection.

You might even find some that offer Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world’s oldest medicinal practices based on “a balance between body, mind, spirit, and social wellbeing.”

These types of retreats are highly versatile and can be used for all group sizes and event lengths. You could hold a weekend event at an outdoor retreat venue and invite a large group. On the other hand, a longer retreat would merit a rental home with a communal area.

No matter what theme and activities you choose, remember to cherish the time you and your love get to spend with one another.

Reignite your love with a fun couples retreat

After spending the last year cooped up together, you and your love might need a refresher. A fun retreat could be just what you need. Choose the perfect retreat venue and meaningful activities for your retreat, and you’ll be reminded why you fell for your partner all over again.

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