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How Your Small Business Can Hire the Best Employees *

*Collaborative Post.

You might think that, as a small business with a small budget, it will be impossible for you to hire the top talent in your industry, but that may not be the case. Many employees prefer working for a small company where they can get more involved and feel like they are making more of a difference, and even if they don’t, there are lots of things you can do to persuade them…

Recruit globally

You may be a small local business, but there is no reason why you cannot recruit globally, and doing so is a great strategy to find very well qualified people who will be happy to work for you. Sure, you may have to help with a visa or immigration lawyer, and things like that, but it could be worth it if that employee is so good that they will boost your business once they’re here.

Create an amazing culture

People want to be happy at work, so if you can make that happen for them, they will be far more likely to want to work for you. How do you do this? By being a pleasant and fair employer who creates a real sense of fun and belonging in the workplace – it really is that simple.

Offer more flexibility

The great thing about small businesses is that they don’t have to have as many hard and fast rules to keep the machine running in good order. You can afford to be more flexible, which is highly appealing to many creative types who do not like to be micromanaged and looked over all the time; play up your flexibility and the best employees will be like putty in your hands.

Offer interesting benefits

Okay, so you may not be able to offer thousands of pounds in performance bonuses and things like that, but could you let your employees bring their dogs to work or give them shares in the company? Quirky and unusual benefits are often a bigger draw than monetary ones because, after a certain point, more money isn’t going to improve life, but having your dog by your side during the working day just might – something to think about.

Create a likeable brand

If you create a brand that is really likeable, whether due to its ecological philosophy or its reputation for being hip, then people are naturally going to gravitate towards it. Your branding may primarily be created to entice your customers, but it can be just as good at reeling in the top talent too, so think about the kind so things that would appeal to them and build your brand around that. 

Hiring the best employees is never easy for any business, let alone a little one in a small UK town or city, but it is possible, and if you do the above, you will stand a much better chance of attracting the top talent in your niche. If you can dream big, and you put the effort in, big things can happen!

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