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4 Tips On Avoiding Sleep Deprivation When You Have A Newborn *

*Collaborative Post.

You’ve very well given up on sleep when you’re going to become a parent or have a newborn baby. They’ll wake up several times during the night for a feed or a nappy change, and sometimes all they want is for you to be close to them. Sleep deprivation can affect a person in a variety of ways, but the most prevalent symptom is irritability and snapping at others. However, just because you have a newborn doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent night’s sleep every day. Check out these helpful hints on how to get a good night’s sleep even if you have a newborn.

Establish a routine early on, for both of you

You’ve definitely heard of establishing a bath, reading, feeding, and bedtime routine for your baby, and it’s essential to do so early on so that your baby can learn when it’s time to sleep. Because of your schedule, your baby will eventually recognise when bedtime is approaching. It’s also important to establish a pattern for yourself so that your body can relax and get the rest it needs. While you may need to do a night feed or two, it will become much easier to fall asleep again.

Allow your baby to learn how to self-soothe

Your baby has just spent the last few months inside of you and is accustomed to being near you at all times, so it’s understandable if they require some assistance falling asleep. It is, nevertheless, beneficial for your newborn to be able to self-soothe to sleep rather than requiring your presence. You will not only find that your baby sleeps better at night, but you will as well! If they wake up in the middle of the night, they may just self-soothe back to sleep. Increasing their comfort will help them achieve this, and you can do this using moses basket fitted sheets with your scent, leaving a small teddy with them to cuddle, or even using a pacifier to help them self-soothe.

Sleep when they sleep!

We realise you’ve undoubtedly heard this advice before, but it’s worth repeating. Because babies aren’t born knowing that they should sleep when it gets dark, your sleeping schedule will be irregular at first. Sleeping when they do will allow you to catch up on some much-needed zzzs, making it easier to get out of bed if and when you are awakened during the night. At the very least, try and have a small nap here and there if you have other things to tend to.

Make sure you’re eating healthy foods

Finally, once your baby has established a routine, you will be able to enjoy some evening alone time. However, many parents still have trouble sleeping, which is generally due to the food they eat in the evenings. Junk food and sugary foods provide energy while also causing heartburn and indigestion. Consider making dietary changes to help you fall into a more natural sleep pattern and wake up feeling rejuvenated! Eating healthily will also help keep you energised throughout the day!

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