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A Few Tips to Make Moving Home Easier

*Collaborative post.

When it comes to moving home, there are so many things that people have shared with me that I never would have thought of myself. I’ve been storing them up so I’m gonna share some of these little nuggets of wisdom with you now so you can benefit … and when I finally get to that point, I will use them too!

Purge your Possessions

Before you move, get rid of all the stuff you don’t need – even if you just have a clear out when you’re packing. It will save moving a lot of unnecessary items that you may have to pay a removal company to move! If you have time to sort out before you pack, you might even be able to earn a few quid by selling those bits you don’t want any more.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that could line your pockets at a time when you’re bound to need a few more pennies!

Self Storage

Don’t be afraid to use self-storage! A friend of mine recently did this and it made moving in and decorating so much easier! You just take with you what you really need and keep all those knick-knacks and extra bits you don’t need in somewhere like Now Storage self storage in Basingstoke. It makes getting your walls painted so much easier as there’s so much less in the room to move around!

Plus it will also help you realise if you actually need those items you’ve popped into storage too – if you don’t miss them, get them sold on too!

Change the Locks

I never would have thought of this and it was something that I actually saw on TikTok! Once you’ve moved, get a locksmith in or change your locks yourself as you don’t know who has spare keys to your new place.

Also, on the keys front, be really careful when posting photos of you moving home online with your keys being visible and any telltale signs of where you have moved to. You can never be too careful online these days!

Check the Alarms

If your new place has a fire alarm, smoke alarm or even a Co2 alarm, make sure you check that they are working and if they’re not make sure you get some batteries to get them back up and running asap! Or even take a few AA and AAA batteries as spare for items like this.

Book a Cleaner!

You don’t know how the people before you are going to leave the property, or if you’re anything like me and are dead fussy with levels of cleanliness then it may be worth booking a cleaner for when you get your keys. It will save you some of the hard work and mean your home will be sparkling for you to move all your belongings into.

Had you thought of any of these ideas already? Or do you have any of them for me to add to my list to make moving easier for me?!

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