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Top Tips to Ensure Your Home is Ready for Winter *

*Collaborative Post.

The clocks have gone back, the evenings are darker, and the temperature is starting to drop, which means just one thing; winter is coming! There is a lot to love about the winter, hot chocolate, Christmas celebrations, cosy nights in, to name just a few. But, enjoying all of the best bits of winter is impossible if your home is not ready for the new season. To ensure your home is prepared for the winter, it is helpful to make an early start so that it is a haven of cosiness when winter properly sets in.

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Here are some tips to help you make a start on your winter preparations:

Get Your Heating Serviced

Being without any heating in the middle of winter is never a pleasant experience and can make life pretty uncomfortable when the temperatures drop below freezing. To avoid any chilly situations over the coming months, it is a wise idea to get your heating system serviced before the cold weather properly arrives, as the colder the weather gets, the harder your boiler works to maintain a constant temperature. All this extra strain on your heating system over the winter months can cause it to pack up when you need it the most. Having your boiler serviced now will make it easier to spot any potential problems before they become a more significant issue. You will then have time for the repairs to be carried out or to get a New Oil Boiler before temperatures drop further.

Pack Up Your Garden

While your garden furniture and fairy lights look great in the summertime, they may be less appealing in the winter when they are being blown around your garden. No one wants to run outside in a blizzard to retrieve a parasol that has become a missile in the strong winds or chase after garden chairs flying across the decking. So, to avoid any disasters in your garden, it is a good idea to pack up everything you can for the winter and to keep it safely stored ready for next spring. 

Clear Your Gutters

Over the autumn, your guttering can become filled with leaves and other debris that have been blown into the pipes. This can cause your guttering to become completely blocked, which prevents the rainwater from being channelled away correctly. When this happens, you may find the rainwater runs down the side of your house and begins causing problems such as the formation of dampness on your walls and puddles of water on the ground, which could freeze. Having your gutters cleaned professionally is the best way to get rid of this debris and prevent the issues that it can cause.

Get Cosy

Once your home is ready for winter from a practical point of view, it is time to begin making it as cosy as possible. Digging out the snuggly throws for the sofa and searching your wardrobe for your slippers will soon have you ready for a cosy night in this winter.


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