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What Upgrades Increase Home Value? *

*Collaborative post.

If you have been wanting to know what upgrades increase home value, then you are not alone. Many people are looking to not only find out how they can increase the value of their home but also know how to do so perfectly. So, what upgrades have the highest return on investment?

While every market is different, here is a brief overview of a few common home upgrades and how they impact a home’s valuation.

Install Better Internal Doors

Doors are the most obvious improvement you can make. Doors can be made of cheap materials, which make them vulnerable to moisture and other problems. They can also have cheap hardware, which makes it hard to shut them.

You can prevent these problems completely by putting in new doors. But new doors can be expensive. And you may not get much of a return on that investment. Luckily, these Victorian internal door designs are perfect for increasing a home’s value without breaking your bank.

Paint the House

Painting a house can significantly improve its value. You can either do this yourself, or make use of a resource like to find a local professional near you who will be able to come out and do this for you, if you didn’t want to for whatever reason. But even though painting your house is a good idea, painting it the wrong colour can ruin it. The wrong colour is a waste of effort that can leave your house looking cheap and tacky. So how do you choose the right colour? A good colour is one that complements your home. Complements in art are colors that lie on either side of a colour’s hue. If you paint a wall a shade of blue, you could paint another wall next to it a shade of green or red, and they would look good together.

Upgrade the Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom is the second-most-worn room in your house, and the kitchen is close. So, it makes sense to upgrade them. But which upgrades will net you the most value?

The bathroom is, as you might have guessed, always a good investment. Even the smallest bathroom can be upgraded to look nicer, and higher-end bathrooms can be upgraded for the same price or less than a higher-end kitchen. Overall, adding a new bathroom to your home can raise its value by as much as 20 percent.

Increase Closet Space

If you like your home but want a little more room, what can you do? A closet addition is a great way to increase your living space and change the character of your house.

When thinking about a closet addition, you will want to take into account several different factors. For instance, what is your budget range? How much room do you want? And how much will it cost?

When it comes to size, think about your current closet. How much room does your closet provide, and how much can it be increased?

Above are home upgrades that give your house a bang for its buck! So, make sure to consider adding them to help increase the value of your house. You don’t have to add them all. Therefore, pick the most suitable ones, and run with them.

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