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What Does It Take To Lose Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds? *

*Collaborative Post.

If you are someone that has been engaged in a battle with the weighing scale for so long but you finally started to lose weight, you may find the last few pounds are the hardest of all to shift. This is the crowning achievement for many people who go on a diet- the weeks and months of going through exercise routines and eating patterns that are alien to them can certainly make you feel a sense of achievement.

But when you are so close to the finish line, how can you lose those last few pounds? 

Increase Your Exercise Game

Losing weight is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one. While many people look to cosmetic procedures to lose weight, such as fat transfer services, it’s important to remember that if you have never changed your exercise routine, this could be holding you back. Switching up your exercise routine to more high-intensity practices will burn more calories and speed up your metabolism but it’s very difficult to get into the mindset of embracing a new exercise routine. However, this is one of the more effective ways of losing those last few pounds. 

Enjoy Your Weekends

Many people use it as an excuse to overeat because they’ve been good all week. The best approach is to have one cheat meal rather than one cheat day. Because then you are able to get back onto your eating habits easier and if you spend your entire weekend eating and hopefully it’s that much easier to get back on the wagon come Monday. 

Make Lunch Your Main Meal

Dinner is the main meal for most of us but this means it is usually higher in calories than your lunch. If you eat a larger lunch and a smaller dinner, you are getting a head start on your metabolism, especially if you eat very close to bedtime. You should not eat anything at least 2 hours prior to lying down to give your metabolism the opportunity to process it all. Additionally, it will help your sleep quality. 

Have More Meals at Home 

If you are working in an office or you are out and about, making yourself a lunch that has no secret ingredients is the best way to keep track of what you are eating. When you eat at home, you have a lot more control, you know how they are prepared, and you can control your portions easier. 

Give Yourself Credit 

The last point is to acknowledge just how far you’ve come. When people are so frustrated that they can’t lose the last few pounds, the fact that you are still committed to losing them means that you are dedicated to looking after yourself. And while you’ve learnt portion control and keeping fit in the process, the fact is that the last few pounds are always so hard because this is your physiology. Our body thinks that there may be a food shortage so it conserves calories by slowing down the rate that we burn them. But persistence will pay off!


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