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How Casinos Treat Customers *

Finding a true value of a customers means recognizing all the visits and games played by he or she, by using the data that has been accumulated over the time.

Casino operators know their best customers. Casino industry hoteliers, not so much, while the online casinos gather server data about its users.

In the casino industry resorts, marketing professionals in the slot department have gathered data for decades and relied upon them, in order to determine who is their most loyal customer, what do they like and how to transform all that information to repeat the process of adding more value for the customer.


Casino Resort Guest

There was an era where hotel, dining, spas and other non-gaming activities did not had a casino attached. It’s relatively a new phenomenon, hospitality of the guest is connected with a gaming space. The casino resorts are gathering data with the help of software and systems. The result is a complete picture of a customer of what it is doing, what he/she prefers. This information is used to guide decisions on marketing, offers, accommodation and so on.

Casino resorts did not run efficient when there was a separate system between hotel and casino. During that time, there were two databases, one for casino players, which gained attention of the marketing resources and another for non-casino customers. While there was a marketer in charge of gathering data from non-gaming revenues, it was a detached job. After the results, the casino industry took in the non-gaming revenues and looked forward in offering to all of its guests a better accommodation and resort experience. Without a complete view of customer wants, important marketing and hotel decisions become insignificant.

Online Casino User

The online casino users are plenty. Everyday could be some new log ins, either from mobile or computer. But each of them has an unique number, a user name and other private data. The online casinos are equipped with live chats, attached to social media and with the help of the customer support, social media and live chats, the users can come with ideas or improvement for the casino. The very first thing that online casinos are ahead, is the ability to visit them from anywhere with just a mobile device. These features make everything easier for players and with their help they can improve the fun experience. Moreover, all these players will be kept entertained, since every day there is something new.

Sometimes the casino does social polls and ask the opinion of its players, some come even with a review of their favourite game, like for example, someone likes playing the popular Rainbow Riches and give feedback to the casino about the game. The casino and its developers look forward after these reviews, they can improve the game with the help of programmers and graphic designers. Others might very well want something new, another game. These thoughts are documented for a period of time and a new game can launch, which helps players feel listened, because they are listened.

Last Words

In small slots bar, it’s easy to identify your loyal customer, while online, in order to give players a good playtime, sometimes polls happen and those who enjoy the website will participate in giving responses of what else they would like for improvement. For the loyalty of the guests, casino resorts had to do much more, by adding accommodation, relaxation and dining besides the gaming halls. Every marketing decisions is towards the customer, the player, the guest and a happy customer means a thriving business.

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