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Clear Signs You’re Ready For Parenthood *

*Collaborative Post.

Ah, parenting. It’s a big decision to choose in life, to become a parent and raise children. It’s not for everyone, but it’s something that so many people are excited about at some point in life. Being a parent is not a snap decision, however, as it’s a life-changing event that will make sure that your life never looks the same again. When you decide to change your life and take that step, you have to evaluate whether you are truly ready for it. It’s important, however, that you realize that when you decide to become a parent, your feeling of readiness might not always be the same. So many parents have children, and then later wonder what have I done? It’s not because they don’t love their children but because you can’t really appreciate how life-changing it is until you’re in it.

If you know that you want to be parents one day, you have a LOT to consider before you jump in and go for it. Yes, you can wing it and see what it brings you, but preparing for a baby takes some work. It takes emotional work and it takes a lot of physical preparation, too. Both of you together have to be ready for this stage of life, and it’s not a decision that you should take lightly. Parenting is a step that you take as a pair where you can and when you can’t you decide whether that clucking feeling of broodiness is worth it. Feeling broody is often the tip of the iceberg, so here are some of the most clear signs you’re ready for parenthood.

You have got through some of your bucket list

Before you become parents, there may be some things that you want to do in life first. You might want to hike in Machu Picchu and you might want to dip your toes into the ocean off Rottnest Island. You might want to take a holiday with both of you together and see some of the world before you settle into parenting life. There’s no perfect time for a family, but you might find it easier to be in the pattern of sleepless nights and nappies when you can remember all of the moments you spent together before. It’s so much sweeter to spend your cash on nappies when you have the sports car of your dreams already in the garage. Get some stuff done first. 

You like other kids (kind of)!

This isn’t an inherent requirement of being ready for kids; not all parents like other kids! However, if you can handle the gross side of being around other kids, then you shouldn’t have them just yet. Kids are gross; snot and poop, puke and drool all come with the territory. If the switch has flipped and you feel as if you are ready to have a baby, you’ll find the drool as cute as anything else.

You’re happy to volunteer and babysit

Let’s be honest, here; babysitting is not the same as actual parenting. There is a lot that isn’t the same as actual parenting but babysitting does give you a toe in the ocean before you go ahead and dive right in. If you can survive sitting for other people without wanting to run away to Bali, then you’re likely to feel like you can go for it yourself. Keep remembering that your choices are going to be based on so much more than a babysitting night!

You don’t need to fix it

Some people choose to have a baby as a Bandaid to fix their marriage – but not you. You don’t need to do that because you want a baby to expand your family. You’re ready to bring a baby into a happy and thriving relationship, where the love is so great you can’t help but to create even more love with it.

It’s always been your plan

Did you always want to be a parent? Most people have an idea of what they want their lives to be like from quite a young age. You might have had that instinct to be a parent and you’re both on the same page with how you feel in regards to your rules of being parents, too. It might not have been something you set in stone as a child, but you know now that you want to have your own family.

You’re opinionated about how you’d raise your kids

You see the way other people raise their kids and you form your own ideals about how you would do it, too. You’re already pretty sure about how you would parent and you are ready to express that and put all of your ideas into practice at last.

You’ve got baby fever

It’s hit you. You’re clucking. Your partner is going gooey for other babies when you’re out in public. You’re watching pregnant people with awe and wishing you could be just the same. It’s a whole feeling in life that you can’t imagine until it hits you in the gut. That longing, that yearning for a baby to love and hold? That’s where the ticking of the biological clock starts.

You’re solvent

There’s no right time to have a baby, but there is a smart time. When you aren’t swimming in money problems or working just to feed yourself, you are in a much better position to consider having a baby of your own. You don’t need to be a homeowner, but you do need a home. You don’t need to have a sports car, but you do need to be able to afford to get around.

You have the space

If you have a spare room and you can picture a new nursery in there, you might be ready at last. You know that the baby won’t be using the nursery before the baby hits six months (for sleeping, anyway) but it’s there for you to use. 

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